• 07/19/2018
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Automechanika: Extra business for garages

LIQUI MOLY presents two new devices for garages at the exhibition
July 2018 – Supporting garages in their everyday work and opening up new sales opportunities to them, that's what the German oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY has set out to do. At Automechanika Frankfurt, the largest exhibition for the automotive aftermarket in the world, the company presents two new devices that do precisely that. The first device is the JetClean Tronic II. With it garages can give the engine and fuel system a thorough cleaning. It removes deposits particularly quickly and thoroughly. Once connected to the injection or intake system, the device pumps in the cleaning additive developed in-house. The cleaning process itself is monitored by the device. The mechanic can take care of other jobs in the meantime and yet the safety that nothing will go wrong and that the fuel system will not have to be laboriously ventilated afterwards is still ensured. The only other way to attain the same result would be to remove the components and to clean them by hand – a much more inconvenient and laborious undertaking. The garage can offer the cleaning both as a separate service relating to a problem as well as preventively integrating it into the annual inspection. Both help to elevate above the competition. And, particularly with heavily loaded vehicles, the customer immediately notices a significant difference. Depending on the number of cleans carried out, the JetClean Tronic II will amortize in just a few weeks. It is suitable not only for cars, but also for commercial vehicles, construction machines, motorcycles and boats. The second device is the GearTronic II for the difficult oil change of automatic gearboxes. The delicate simultaneous emptying and filling of the transmission takes place fully automatically and does not have to be supervised. The menu navigation via the keypad, including LCD screen, takes place with computer support and is particularly intuitive. In order to relieve the mechanic in their work, the Gear Tronic II has a vehicle database and shows which transmission oil the respective vehicle needs and how large the filling quantity is. This simplifies the work routine and protects against faults and expensive claims. The Gear Tronic II has not only mastered the oil change. With it cleaning and care additives can also be integrated into the service. This makes technical sense and means an additional business for the garage. Alongside these two devices LIQUI MOLY is also presenting a series of smaller new products at Automechanika Frankfurt. Furthermore, the exhibition is one of the few opportunities to see the entire LIQUI MOLY range, spanning almost 4,000 products. Automechanika will take place from the 11th to 15th of September in Frankfurt, Germany. LIQUI MOLY can be found in hall 9.1 at booth C06.