• 07/27/2020

Affordable and versatile: new motor oil by LIQUI MOLY

Designed for use by garages, Profi Longlife III 5W-30 is not just for VW Group models.

July 2020 - German oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY has developed a new motor oil especially for garages. Profi Longlife III is suitable for numerous VW Group models as well as Mercedes, BMW and Porsche. “It’s of interest to garages that get a lot of German models in for servicing,” says Tim Keller, who is the LIQUI MOLY Export Area Manager responsible for the British market.

Profi Longlife III 5W-30 is officially approved by Volkswagen (VW 504 00/507 00) and Mercedes (MB 229.51) and can also be used for BMW (Longlife-04 up to model year 2018) and Porsche (C30). It also meets ACEA C3, API SN and CF specifications. “Thanks to this wide range, the oil can covers a large number of vehicles,” says Tim Keller.

Because it oil was developed specifically for garages, it is only available in 205-litre barrels. Tim Keller: “We’re deliberately offering an alternative to our state-of-the-art, top-of-the-range oils so that garages can choose the oil that best meets their technical and economic requirements”.

Garages also have to be careful to use this oil only for those vehicles designed to take it. Nowadays oil is like a liquid component that has to be precision-matched to the engine. Putting in the wrong oil is like fitting the wrong replacement part. To find out whether or not Profi Longlife III 5W-30 is suitable for a particular vehicle, see the free oil guide at www.liqui-moly.com.