• 04/17/2024

Disadvantage of Super E10 – advantage of E10 Additive


LIQUI MOLY additive addresses the problems resulting from the increased organic content of the cheaper gasoline variant

Whether E10 fuel is sustainable or not, opinions differ. Obviously, it is more attractively priced than E5 petrol, but it also has other properties. E10 Additive from LIQUI MOLY can help here.

The greener gasoline blend, which has been available at petrol pumps since 2011, has not really caught on. From the viewpoint of drivers, the cost advantage does not outweigh the skepticism towards biofuel. For example, E10 fuel has an increased corrosion potential compared to the E5 variant. This issue and another problem associated with Super E10 are compensated for by E10 Additive from LIQUI MOLY: If the vehicle is frequently driven over short distances or the injectors are dirty, ethanol can become even more enriched in the motor oil than with conventional gasoline. This leads to poor lubricity of the oil. And that can damage the engine in the long run.

The combustion process is also affected: Deposits in the fuel system, for example on the injectors, can also form with E10. The LIQUI MOLY product removes the deposits and prevents new ones from accumulating. Highly effective corrosion protection provides long-term protection for steel components.

The modern, ash-free fuel additive improves combustion and smooth running, and has a positive effect on acceleration in the partial-load range. E10 Additive contains no organometallic compounds and can be used in both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines.

E10 Additive

Modern, ash-free fuel additive for improving combustion and faster acceleration in partial load range. Specially developed to compensate for loss of performance from E10 fuel. Improves the vehicle acceleration and smoothness. Provides protection with high water content in the fuel. Compatible with all gasoline and additive qualities.

  • better drivability
  • higher performance gain
  • contains no organometallic compounds
  • outstanding corrosion protection
  • tested for the use with catalytic converters
  • cleans the fuel system
  • improves acceleration
Sina Ataei
Head of Corporate Communications