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Optimum protection of commercial vehicles against repairs and breakdowns

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10 known problems that you can solve quickly and easily with additives.

As the service life of a commercial vehicle increases, wear and tear increases, which can lead to unpleasant problems. To prevent this and avoid high repair costs or even breakdowns, we offer a variety of problem solvers for the professional commercial vehicle sector. This means that your commercial vehicle is optimally protected at all times and existing problems can also be reliably and quickly resolved. Here are 10 additives you should know about.

Higher oil consumption

This is usually due to piston rings seizing up as a result of deposits, which leads to a loss of compression in the engine. Contamination in the oil circuit, especially in turbo ducts, can also lead to turbo damage.

The solution to the problem: Pro-Line Engine Flush. The additive cleans the engine from the inside and eliminates existing problems immediately. Stubborn deposits on the piston rings and in the oil system are removed and flushed out with the used oil during the oil change. This allows your vehicle to return to its full performance again with fresh engine oil.

Loud engine noise

This can be a warning sign that surfaces sliding against each other inside the engine block are not lubricated enough and are therefore rubbing directly against each other. This increases wear on the engine and can result in increased oil consumption.

Our Pro-Line Engine Wear Protection can help. With its special formulation for professional use in the commercial vehicle sector, the problem is quickly and reliably solved by simply adding it to the engine oil. The low-friction lubricant MoS2 contained in the additive forms a highly resilient sliding film on the friction surfaces and at the same time guarantees better running of units. As a result, malfunctions can be completely avoided.

Engine oil loss

A problem that often occurs in older commercial vehicles is the loss of engine oil at various points due to aging or brittle seals. For example, blue smoke coming out of the exhaust when the engine is started is a typical sign of valve stem seal wear.

As the oil leaks, it has to be refilled frequently, which is costly in the long run. If the engine is then topped up with the wrong oil at a highway service area, this can also lead to serious engine damage. You should therefore act as quickly as possible if oil stains start to appear under your vehicle.

Pro-Line Oil Loss Stop does exactly what the name suggests. When added to the engine oil, the additive is quickly integrated into the oil circuit and regenerates rubber and plastic engine seals. This stops engine oil leaking. Its nourishing effect also neutralizes blue-smoking exhaust fumes and dampens engine noise.

Blocked diesel particulate filter

Commercial vehicles such as vans, buses or tow trucks that are only used for short distances are often affected by clogged diesel particulate filters. This is due to the fact that soot particles, which are generated by the combustion process in the engine, are deposited on the filter. Short trips mean that the free-burning temperature and the resulting natural regeneration are not reached and the filter becomes clogged.

A clogged filter prevents exhaust gasses from flowing out. This reduces engine output and significantly increases fuel consumption. In addition, the engine temperature begins to rise, which changes the flow behavior of the engine oil and can impair lubrication. Above a certain engine temperature, the engine indicator lamp lights up, which makes it impossible to continue driving.

In order to avoid unwanted breakdowns and downtimes, we recommend Pro-Line Diesel Particulate Filter Protection as a professional preventive measure for short-distance commercial vehicles. It is specially designed for the requirements of short-distance/urban vehicles and ensures optimal combustion of the soot particles. The burn-off temperature is reduced by 150°C so that effective regeneration is also guaranteed on short journeys.

Diesel bacteria and diesel bug

If a commercial vehicle is only used seasonally or rarely, there should still be a guarantee that it will continue to function without any problems even after it has been parked up for a while. However, long downtimes pose the risk of diesel bacteria forming in the vehicle's tank. This can be triggered by an excessive water content in the fuel, excessive air humidity or condensation forming around the tank. The mold and bacteria settle on the diesel filter and clog it.

If the diesel filter is clogged, you can expect a loss of performance or malfunction of the engine, resulting in serious damage. This is usually noticeable through smoke development or engine jolting.

If you want to protect your commercial vehicle effectively and optimally despite infrequent use, Anti-Bacterial Diesel Additive is recommended. It contains a highly effective biocide with a broad spectrum of action against mold and bacteria. This means that diesel systems that are already contaminated can be easily sterilized with the additive and systems that are not yet contaminated can be protected in advance.

Bad emissions values

Deposits, contamination and corrosion in the fuel system can lead to faulty combustion in the engine. With the Pro-Line Diesel Filter Additive, you can clean your commercial vehicle's entire fuel system, including injection nozzles, over the long term and protect it optimally against corrosion. When changing the diesel fuel filter, it is placed in the housing provided for this purpose. It removes deposits and deeply cares for your commercial vehicle’s fuel pump, which prevents poor emission values and rough engine running.

Higher fuel consumption

The optimal functioning of the engine is the most important cornerstone for the reliable functionality of your commercial vehicle. Particular attention must be paid to the injection nozzles. Deposits build up there with every combustion, increasing fuel consumption and inhibiting combustion. This is noticeable by the irregular running of the engine and greatly restricts the functionality of the vehicle. It is therefore important to recognize these problems as early as possible and to rectify them professionally.

We recommend Pro-Line Diesel System Cleaner K for this purpose. With its concentrated and highly effective formulation, the additive removes even stubborn deposits on injectors and the entire fuel system, thus ensuring that it functions optimally again.

As a preventive measure, we also recommend Pro-Line Super Diesel Additive. Thanks to its adapted formulation, it can be used regularly. This helps to continuously save fuel and reduce emissions. In addition, its use also reduces wear, as the additive has a lubricating property that reduces the friction of mechanical components within the fuel system.

Problems starting in cold temperatures

In order to work effectively all year round, it must be ensured that the diesel fuel in your commercial vehicle retains its fluidity and filterability even in the cold season. If this is not the case, the engine will start poorly or not at all and this will lead to failures or downtimes. To prevent this, we recommend using Diesel Flow Fit K. The additive ensures the flow properties down to -31°C depending on the quality of the diesel fuel. Adding this to the fuel makes your commercial vehicle winter-proof. Easy to use, powerful and reliable.

High engine temperature

Over time, deposits form in the cooling and heating system. These form barriers for heat exchange and block thermostatic valves and regulation mechanisms. This can also result in oil sludge in the cooling water. This leads to high engine temperatures, which promotes wear and damage.

With the Pro-Line Radiator Cleaner, you can reliably remove oil and lime deposits from the cooling system of your commercial vehicle and guarantee the reliable cooling function of the engine. As a result, the additive ensures an optimal engine temperature and reliable operating safety. This avoids expensive damage, costly repairs and annoying downtimes.

Coolant loss

Commercial vehicles usually spend many hours on the road, on construction sites or on uneven terrain. Stone chipping can occur quickly on the radiator or porous solder joints can break open. These small leaks are often difficult to locate and are usually only detected by the falling coolant level.

Pro-Line Radiator Stop Leak K seals such leaks immediately, effectively and sustainably after addition. There are special polymers in the additive that do this. Of course, the additive can also be added preventively. It is compatible with all commercially available antifreezes and coolant refiners.