• 09/29/2022

Snappy boat care for in-between


LIQUI MOLY introduces Marine Detailer

Wash, dry, preserve and polish. If you want to care for the outer skin of your boat, you need time and dedication. But you can also get sheen with protection much faster: spray on, wipe off, done. This is made possible by the new Marine Detailer from LIQUI MOLY. It is suitable for paints, glass-fibre-reinforced plastics and gelcoats.

It is no longer possible to imagine trade fairs without them: Detailers. Just quickly wipe away fingerprints, dust or streaks and make the surface shine again. The product name says it all: “Detailing is extremely intensive boat care down to the last detail,” says Dieter Otto, LIQUI MOLY’s expert for care products. The target group for the new remedy is broad: “Care enthusiasts will be happy with it and pragmatists too, because a great result is achieved with comparatively little effort,” the expert explains.

The Marine Detailer not only adds shine, it also tackles dirty jobs. The spray effortlessly removes dust, paw marks and even bird droppings. The newcomer to the Marine product line of the German specialist for vehicle chemicals is an extremely effective spray that seals smooth paintwork for several weeks and gives it a radiant deep sheen. It can also be sprayed onto gelcoats and glass-fibre-reinforced plastics. Water beads off treated surfaces and new dirt has a hard time spreading.

Are detailers just a new short-lived fashion? After all, there are spray waxes. The basic chemical formulation is similar, but the two are tailored differently. Since detailers contain a larger proportion of cleaning surfactants, they can also be used on lightly soiled surfaces. They are ideal for quick cleaning every now and then. The Marine Detailer works on both dry and damp surfaces. “If the boat is still wet with morning dew, simply spray it on the paint and wipe off with a cloth,” Otto advises. The type of cloth used has a major influence on the result. The best result is achieved with a high-pile microfibre cloth with laser cut, such as LIQUI MOLY’s ‘Polishing Microfiber Cloth’. It prevents streaks and can absorb a lot of moisture.

Another tip from the care expert: “The pump spray bottle does not contain any flammable aerosols. So you can safely carry the Marine Detailer on board, even in the summer.”

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