Modern juice for old engines

New motor oil by LIQUI MOLY for classic cars

November 2018 – Oil for current car models has no place in classic cars.Those who reach for expensive synthetic oil here are not doing their four-wheeled treasure any favors, but are making a serious mistake that can damage the engine.That's why the German oil and additive specialist has developed an oil for classic cars that is exclusively designed for the engine technology of decades gone by: The Classic 20W-50.

Low viscosity synthetic oils are generally not suitable for the assemblies of classic cars. These are made up of other materials such as white alloys, non-ferrous alloys and had different fabrication tolerances and oil change intervals to modern cars. That's why the oil technology should come from the same time as the engine technology. The new Classic 20W-50 is clearly superior to old oils from that time. "It combines the compatibility of old oils with modern wear protection technology," says Dietmar Schmid, application engineer at LIQUI MOLY.

Back then, just like today, lubricants formed important elements of engine design. Lubrication is just one of many tasks. The oil has to thermally relieve and seal the engine, protect it against signs of wear and corrosion and ensure engine performance. The earlier assemblies cannot be compared to the designs and loads of today's. This is precisely why tailor-made oils are so important, so as not to risk engine damage.

Classic 20W-50 is a very high quality, low-alloy, mineral multi-grade motor oil. It was developed especially for year-round use in younger classic cars built after 1950 and which are already equipped with an oil filter element. This motor oil unites state-of-the-art lubricant knowledge with the special requirements of manufacturers from any time. It meets the API SB/SC/SD/CC standards.

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