• 05/22/2018

New device for engine cleaning

New development by LIQUI MOLY for garages: JetClean Tronic II
May 2018 – It is a fundamental problem of combustion engines: Exhaust emissions and fuel residues dirty the fuel and intake system. Performance levels drop, fuel consumption rises and the exhaust gas values become worse. With the JetClean Tronic II by German additive specialist LIQUI MOLY garages can give the engine and fuel system a thorough cleaning. "The engine breathe freely again and the garage attains additional sales with the service," says David Kaiser, Research and Development Manager at LIQUI MOLY.

As soon as an engine is running, combustion residues are created that get stuck on the injection nozzles. This means the fuel is no longer as finely atomized. A loss of performance, increased fuel consumption and even more combustion residues are the consequences. The intake system also suffers. The dirt ends up here, on the one hand, through the exhaust gas recirculation and, on the other, through the crankcase ventilation. These deposits pose such a problem because modern engines react much more sensitively to dirt than older ones. This can even lead to engine failure.

These deposits are particularly quickly and thoroughly removed with the JetClean Tronic II. Once connected to the injection or intake system, the device pumps in the cleaning additive developed in-house. "This allows a concentrated and effective removal of the deposits," says David Kaiser. There are four additives for the JetClean Tronic II: One each for the injection and intake system and one each for the gasoline and diesel engine fuel systems. In order to prevent mix-ups the gasoline additives are colored blue. This means just a glance at the two tanks of the JetClean Tronic II is all it takes to recognize whether the remaining amount has to be removed before the next use or simply topped up.

The cleaning process itself is monitored by the device. The mechanic can take care of other jobs in the meantime and yet the safety that nothing will go wrong and that the fuel system will not have to be laboriously ventilated afterwards is still ensured. The only other way to attain the same result would be to remove the components and to clean them by hand – a much more inconvenient and laborious undertaking.

The JetClean Tronic II is attached to the car battery. Because no external power supply is required, the device can be portably used, for example, to treat an entire fleet at the customer's premises. It is suitable not only for cars, but also for commercial vehicles, construction machines, motorcycles and boats. After cleaning the engine again offers its original performance, the service life of the injection system is extended and the danger of engine problems is reduced.

The garage can offer the cleaning both as a separate service relating to a problem as well as preventively integrating it into the annual inspection. Both help to elevate above the competition. And, particularly with heavily loaded vehicles, the customer immediately notices a significant difference. Depending on the number of cleans carried out, the JetClean Tronic II will amortize in just a few weeks.

In its domestic market of Germany, LIQUI MOLY is the undisputed market leader for additives. In 2005, the company launched the predecessor model JetClean Tronic on the market and has since sold around 1,000 devices around the world. The new JetClean Tronic II manufactured in Germany is to continue this success story. The conversion from the old device to the successor is easy because the existing adapter sets can continue to be used. "We have completely redeveloped the JetClean Tronic II. 13 years of experience from the predecessor model have flowed into its construction," says David Kaiser. "It is better, more compact, more robust and more mobile."