LIQUI MOLY’s man for the rough stuff

André Nemeth is Area Manager Commercial Vehicles for specialist dealers in southern Germany.

Born in Bavaria, he has been with our company since 2007. As a trained management assistant for wholesale and foreign trade, he quickly qualified for a job in Sales and assumed responsibility for the commercial vehicles sector at the end of 2008. “The Commercial Vehicles division was established at that time. So there were no structures yet, no foundation. I was able to fully contribute and build up the area in the way that I thought was best at the time,” is how André Nemeth explains in a matter-of-fact way his difficult and complex development work.

He says of himself that he is a man of routine. “When I don’t have structure, it makes me nervous.” Yet he is anything but a bore – he visibly enjoys conversation, he approaches people proactively and, above all, he listens well. “It’s important to be friendly and seek contact. After all, I need to make a sale. The fact that I stand behind our products is one thing. But I have to convince our customers of our brand.”

Probably it is the mix of – as he says – being a routine-loving person who needs structure and discipline and his down-to-earth, likeable nature that makes him so successful. He fondly recalls one of his greatest successes in the early days. This concerned a ‘difficult customer’ at a large branded service workshop. “I saw the great potential of the customer and naturally wanted him to switch his product range over completely to LIQUI MOLY. The managing director belonged to the old breed, as we would say today. Difficult to deal with, experienced in life, up to all kinds of tricks and a heavy smoker (even indoors),” at which André Nemeth has to laugh. “But in the end, I was able to convince even this customer of our merits. That was my personal baptism of fire.” For this success, he has worked hard and used his competences as well as freedoms.

“I enjoy a lot of freedom in my job. And I really love that. Of course, not all that glitters is gold at LIQUI MOLY. But I can voice objective criticism at any time and get actively involved in change processes. In the end, the result has to be right for me. That much is clear. The motivation for this must come from me. I also have to act responsibly with the freedom my employer gives me.”

In return, our colleague in the sales force expects trust to be granted. “In my job, I don’t need to be constantly submitting doing unnecessary reports or feeding sprawling bureaucratic structures. I am there for our customers and constantly on the road. This works very well at LIQUI MOLY.” In fact, the field service is one of our strong pillars. André Nemeth describes himself modestly as one cog of many that must all mesh efficiently. Like the entire business, everything is a team effort. We know that we need to help each other, to provide input where necessary, and to trust each other.

What does André Nemeth say in conclusion about his job at LIQUI MOLY? “I’m still up for field work. You need the unbridled desire to go the extra mile for people, to engage with customers, have heated conversations, and to enjoy driving a car – all in order to survive and thrive here. I believe that I do my job and we at LIQUI MOLY do our job better than others.” And it is precisely this self-image that is reflected in our success and fits into our set of values. Our down-to-earth attitude, our people-oriented approach and our consistent focus on the customer.