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The right car care for summer

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Regular car care not only ensures a high-gloss appearance, but also contributes to the long-term value retention of your vehicle. With our products and application tips, we help you to keep your car in optimum condition during the summer.


Summer is the perfect time of year to really enjoy driving. But at the same time, this also means that your car is exposed to a wide range of seasonal conditions – from bright sunshine to insects and pollen. That’s why it’s all the more important to maintain the car regularly, even in summer. We give you some tips for proper car care in summer.

Regular washing should be the rule

Regular car washes are important for removing dirt, insects and pollen, but also resins from trees or bird droppings. If this is not done in time, the acids and substances contained can damage the paint, cause cracks and lead to corrosion. With our Insect Remover and the matching Insect Removal Sponge, you can remove insects effortlessly and at the same time pretreat your car for the main wash. Please make sure not to apply the Insect Remover in direct sunlight or on already hot paint surfaces, and rinse the car thoroughly afterwards to avoid residues.

Stubborn dirt and even finish rust and flash rust can be removed quickly and easily with our Intensive Car Cleaner. This means that you can also optimally pretreat heavily soiled body parts of your vehicle for the main wash.

Talking about “main wash” – the subsequent car wash for friends of hand washing with our Car Wash Shampoo in combination with the Car Washing Sponge is perfect for gently cleaning the paint surfaces of dust and pollen and ensures a radiant shine. Before treatment, however, you should rinse off the fine-grained dust with water, as it acts like light sandpaper on the body and can damage the paintwork.

To ensure that you can face the sunset with full visibility and without streaks on the windscreen, we recommend our Windshield Cleaner Foam. It ensures glare-free vision and helps you to remove insects, silicone, nicotine and oily and greasy dirt.

These care helpers are ideal for professional preservation of your vehicle after washing: Polish & Wax cleans, polishes and preserves quickly and reliably in a single step, making it ideal for car care in everyday use. Our Paint Cleaner evens out light scratches and also removes soiling and weathered paint particles. Our Hard Wax is then useful for sealing in the high gloss with intensive long-term care.

No time for time-consuming preservation? With our Quick Detailer paint care, you can remove light dirt such as dust or water stains and give your car paint a radiant deep gloss without the need for laborious polishing. With its long-lasting effect, it seals smooth enamels coatings against harmful environmental influences for several weeks. In addition, our Quick Detailer offers an excellent water beading effect and simplifies the next wash by making it difficult for new dirt to adhere.

LIQUI MOLY Gloss Spray Wax is ideally suited for additional “in between” paint care. Light road grime and greasy dirt are removed effortlessly, quickly and without scratching. For lint-free buffing and wiping off of care products, we also recommend our Polishing Microfiber Cloth.

Clear vision means safe driving

We all know the feeling: At dusk in the summer, you go for a spin, and heaps of insects or pollen collect on the windshield. Fortunately, our Windshield Cleaner also removes such dirt on the windscreen during the summer, even while driving. The highlight: Compared to a windscreen antifreeze or all-season cleaner, it also contains a preparation for removing insects. It ensures clear, streak-free vision in seconds by removing insect remains as well as oil and silicone deposits in no time.

And if you ever get caught in a warm summer rain, our Fix-clear Rain Repellent is also recommended. It ensures that the droplets simply roll off due to the airstream and that you are always safe on the road, even in rainy weather. Another positive side effect: This product also makes it easier to remove insects etc. from the windshield.

All-round care for tires

UV radiation and hot tar are serious problems for car tires and, in the worst case, can damage them and shorten their service life. Therefore, check and correct the tire pressure regularly. The tire check should also include a visual inspection for minor damage such as cracks or unusual wear. Due to the summer heat and the resulting air expansion, even small damage can have serious consequences. Your LIQUI MOLY specialist workshop offers you a professional tire check and, if necessary, uncomplicated tire service.

All information on tire service

By the way, bringing the wheels to a high gloss to match the beautiful weather is also no problem with LIQUI MOLY. We recommend regular wheel washing to prevent brake dust and dirt from sticking to the tires and rims in the long term.

With our Special Rim Cleaner, you can remove even stubborn dirt and then maintain, protect and visually enhance the tire with our Tire Bright Foam.

Car care for the top of your car

Summertime also means convertible time for many of us! The soft top is particularly susceptible to dirt and weather influences. Regular care is therefore part of every convertible lover’s standard repertoire. With our Convertible Soft Top Cleaner and subsequent use of Fabric Impregnation, you can make this job easier by gently and effectively cleaning and maintaining the soft top and protecting it against new soiling and weathering influences.

Staying supple

Both on the outside and inside, there are numerous plastics and rubber seals that are attacked by UV light, i.e. ultraviolet radiation. This results in porous areas and structures. With the right care products for plastic and rubber, you can reliably prevent and maintain the value of your vehicle even in summer temperatures.

Late with plastic care? No problem! With “Like new” Plastic Care, you can freshen up plastic parts that have already faded and provide optimum protection against aggressive environmental influences, thanks to the product’s high UV resistance as well as care and protective properties.

The inner values are also important

Nice outside, but ugly inside? Not with us! After the exterior wash, the interior must follow. Here, too, pollen and dust particles are deposited more frequently in summer, which often makes your nose tickle. Our Cockpit Bright not only gently cleans, cares for and protects the surfaces of your car, but is also dust-repellent thanks to its anti-static effect. This not only removes bothersome dust and pollen particles, but also prevents new soiling.

The cool soft drink accidentally not closed properly and so you spilled sticky liquid? Also not a problem! You can lift stubborn dirt such as beverage or candy residues in no time with our Car Interior Cleaner.

Display smears and fingerprints really come to the fore in sunlight. But we also have the perfect cleaning agent for this. With our Display Cleaner and Microfiber Cloth, you can quickly and easily remove the typical dirt. This ensures streak-free cleanliness and uncompromising elimination of dirt and fingerprints from your display. Incidentally, our problem solver is also suitable for any other screen, e.g. those of smartphones or tablets.

The seats must also not be neglected. Our Leather Care protects smooth leather from becoming brittle with its beeswax and other care ingredients.

Upholstery Foam Cleaner quickly and gently removes dirt from upholstery, velour, carpets and seat covers.

Quick cleaning in between? Then we recommend our Active Foam Cleaner as an all-rounder inside and out for easy cleaning of smooth surfaces made of aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, glass, chrome and rubber.

It also impresses with its universal usability in the household.