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Owners of vintage and classic cars really appreciate the fascination for cars. The need to keep their dream car in excellent condition for as long as possible - both visually and technically - is correspondingly great. The best is just about good enough here. For the interior as well as the exterior. Negligence in maintenance and care not only reduces the fun of the ride, but also the value of the "sacred" sheet metal, for example, rust on the bodywork, tears in the upholstery covers, brittle plastics and much more. 

Particularly in older motors, the wrong oil can lead to motor failure in worst case scenarios. Therefore, it is generally advisable to pay attention to the factory-recommended oil release. LIQUI MOLY's classic motor oils are specially attuned to the requirements of classic cars with and without oil filters. Replacing the gear oil from time to time is also recommended, especially for automatic transmissions.