Well prepared into the new motorbike season


Stop hibernating! Spring means start of the season: With the LIQUI MOLY motorcycle range you have the right tools at hand to really get going again.


Low temperatures and fog have made way, warming sunlight heats up the atmosphere. Nature and humans are injected with new energy. By now you are having that tingling feeling in your accelerator hand. For motorcycling aficionados this feeling is like a resurrection. However, beloved motorcycles also need something to bring their technology and looks back to life after having hibernated for several months. Our comprehensive MOTORBIKE range provides the ideal solution for any application – making sure the first ride out will mark a smooth start into a fascinating and safe season!

Fully functional thanks to optimum service

Clean the engine system and change the oil

The last season takes its toll on your motorcycle's engine oil. Deposits such as ash and soot as well as fuel combustion residues that have accumulated in the engine oil during the last season and contaminated it as a result will impair its functionality in the new season. 

This makes it all the more important to change the oil before the first ride. To remove as much contamination as possible from the engine system, our Motorbike Engine Flush should be added to the old oil before draining. This removes all deposits and reliably flushes them out of the engine system with the used oil. The Motorbike Oil Additive can then be added to the fresh engine oil. It enhances the lubricating properties, reduces oil and fuel consumption and thus ensures optimum engine operation.

A little tip for next season: book an appointment in good time at one of our service workshops near you to make sure you have time to change the oil before the start of the season. You can easily find the right engine oil for your motorcycle using our oil guide.

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Check the brake system and brake fluid

For a safe first ride, it is also essential to check the functionality of the brake system. After all, the brakes should grip as hard and as strongly as possible. Check pads and discs to ensure that both components are not below the wear limit. The brake fluid level should also be checked. If the fluid level is too low, you should immediately top up with a suitable brake fluid with the prescribed specifications. You can also find out which is the right brake fluid for your motorcycle in our oil guide.

Clean and lubricate the chain

The chain of your two-wheeler should also be checked and cleaned as part of the winterizing process. Dirt and deposits between the chain links become heavily encrusted over the winter. The sand and dirt particles contained therein rub off the O-rings. This in turn leads to increased friction of the individual components and greatly increases wear. Our Motorbike Chain and Brake Cleaner provides a quick remedy. Encrustations and other dirt are removed residue-free after spraying. Motorbike Chain Spray or Motorbike Chain Spray Race should then be applied to ensure optimum lubrication and good splash protection while riding.

Radiant shine thanks to optimum cleaning

Remove rust spots

During long periods of cold storage in the garage, it is not uncommon for frost or moisture to cause small areas of rust to form on sensitive components. This affects the long-term value retention of your motorcycle and devalues it visually. Our Motorbike Multispray removes rust deposits and maintains adjacent rubber parts.

Bodywork cleaning

Dusty? Accumulated dust and other dirt can be removed quickly and reliably with the Motorbike Cleaner. Thanks to the quick and easy application, the motorcycle can also be cleaned just before the first ride without much effort.

Long-lasting paint protection

Use the Motorbike Detailer to put the finishing touches to your bike before the first ride. It not only removes all other stubborn residues but also seals the surface in one go. This protects your motorcycle's paintwork from aggressive environmental influences such as rain, tar, dirt and insects for weeks.

Now nothing stands in the way of the first ride, even in mixed spring weather.

Protected motorcycle equipment thanks to optimum care

Clear vision without fogging

To really get going on the first beautiful day of the season, your motorcycle equipment also needs your attention. A clear view is an essential part of your safety. Use our motorcycle visor cleaner to clean and care for helmets, visors and goggles. It removes dirt, insects, oil and silicone deposits. It is advisable to clean the visor or goggles after every ride so that residues of insects or dirt do not become permanently embedded in the field of vision. The visor cleaner also provides active anti-fogging for all common glass and plastic surfaces with a long-term effect.

Antibacterial helmet interior cleaning

The Motorbike Helmet Cleaner, for combating dirt and bacteria inside your helmet, rounds off the complete solution for gentle and thorough cleaning of your helmet. It removes unpleasant odors caused by bacteria and fungi in just approx. 10 minutes. This makes it perfect for refreshing your helmet after a long seasonal break, during which your stored helmet has probably only been exposed to a little fresh air. By actively forming a protective film, it also prevents rapid recontamination.

Long-lasting protection for leather clothing

And don't forget to look after your leather clothing. Use our high-quality motorcycle leather suit care to protect them from dirt and wear and tear in the new season and thus maintain their look and feel. The care emulsion made from high-quality substances gives leather surfaces a silky, shiny protective layer with an impregnating effect, prevents premature fading and extends the life of the leather. It also smoothes slightly worn leather surfaces and makes them more supple.

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