High-performance chain spray for use under extreme loads


Whether in motor racing or on mountain passes, extreme loads on mechanical components demand lubrication designed for the purpose and for the right protection. With the Motorbike Chain Spray Race, you and your motorcycle are ideally prepared even at high torque. 

With power transmission to the rear wheel, the chain is a crucial component in the motorcycle’s drive system. In motor racing, it is subjected to particularly high forces with frequent and fast accelerations or on tracks with extreme inclines such as passes. These extreme force transmissions demand the utmost from the chain, which is why targeted lubrication and flawless protection are required especially in these applications.

The first-class combination of ceramic solid lubricants and chemical wear protection offered by the Motorbike Chain Spray Race ensures minimum friction and maximum service life of the chain. With optimum creep characteristics , it offers excellent lubrication and corrosion protection even under extreme conditions.

  • Exceptional penetrability
  • Outstanding cold, hot and spray resistance
  • Highest pressure susceptibility
  • Considerably reduces friction and wear even under extreme loads
  • Prevents corrosion even under adverse conditions
  • Easy to use thanks to practical flip-up spray head
  • Good adhesion, leading to low spin-off and clean chain surroundings

General functions of motorcycle chain sprays

Chain sprays provide optimum lubrication, adequate corrosion protection and noise reduction during operation.


The chain of the motorcycle is constantly in motion. It is exposed to high loads and friction. The lubricant contained in the chain spray reduces friction on O-, X-, or Z-rings, which leads to a longer service life through wear reduction and also to increased efficiency of the entire drive system.

Corrosion protection

Whether driving or only stationary, motorcycles are exposed to diverse weather conditions, including moisture and road dirt. High-quality chain spray creates a protective layer on the chain and shields it against corrosion and rusting even in adverse conditions. With its excellent creeping capability, even hard-to-reach areas such as bushings are optimally protected.

Reduced noise levels

A dry, unlubricated chain can cause annoying squeaking and rattling noises. The chain spray makes the chain run smoothly and quietly, which contributes to a pleasant riding experience

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