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Special Rim Cleaner wins the price-performance test

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In a comprehensive multi-category test carried out by experts, LIQUI MOLY Special Rim Cleaner won the price-performance victory.

The Special Rim Cleaner has proven itself to be a top care product in a complex test procedure. The experts at AutoBild and AutoBild Klassik, supported by the KÜS automotive expert organization, tested a total of eleven rim cleaners from different manufacturers at a price of less than 20 euros and evaluated them for cleaning performance, processing/handling/practicality and material compatibility.

Cleaning performance

Whether stubborn brake dust residues or dirt from the road, LIQUI MOLY Special Rim Cleaner proved its effectiveness in the cleaning performance category. With its special formula, it effortlessly removes even stubborn dirt and gives wheel rims a new shine.

With a thorough and effective result, it scored 101 out of a possible 120 points.

Processing, handling and practicality

The Special Rim Cleaner also received a very good rating in the processing, handling and practicality category. The handy bottle makes it easy to use and the cleaner adheres very well to surfaces. It can be dosed and applied to the rims being cleaned in a targeted manner.

With 28 out of a possible 30 points, the Special Rim Cleaner achieved a top result in this category.

Material compatibility

Another advantage of LIQUI MOLY Special Rim Cleaner is its material compatibility. Some rim cleaners attack the surfaces of the rim or surrounding parts and in a worst case scenario can even cause irreparable damage. Our Special Rim Cleaner, on the other hand, has been developed to protect delicate materials such as chrome or aluminum.

As a result, it received 43 out of a possible 50 evaluation points in this category.

In total, LIQUI MOLY Special Rim Cleaner was awarded 173 out of a possible 200 rating points and thus secured the price-performance victory. See its impressive effect for yourself and say goodbye to stubborn brake dust and tedious scrubbing.

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