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Prepare the car correctly for winter

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We show you how to get your vehicle ready for the winter break in four steps. So you can start the new season in top shape again in spring and without any problems.

1. Clean the injection system

The Injection Cleaner for gasoline engines and the Super Diesel Additive for diesel engines remove dirt and deposits from the fuel, injection and combustion system, whereby the fuel is finely atomized again, burns cleanly and produces fewer residues. The additives are simply added to the fuel in the tank. 

The Carburetor and Valve Cleaner is suitable for older vehicles with carburetors. It removes deposits in the carburettor, on valves and spark plugs and in the combustion chamber, as well as preventing new deposits from forming and the carburettor from icing over.

2. Clean the oil system

The best protection against corrosion in the oil circuit is, of course, an oil change, which removes the residues in the oil. The old oil could already be worn and may even have turned “acidic”. These non-neutralized acids attack metals. With fresh oil in the circuit, you can easily avoid this.

You can find the right motor oil for your vehicle easily and quickly with our oil guide.

Motor Clean

Especially before the “winter sleep”, it is worth having the engine flushed with Motor Clean, so that all harmful residues of the used oil can also be removed and do not remain in the system over a long downtime period. The additive is added to the oil shortly before the oil change. Its ingredients dissolve sludge and deposits which are then discharged together with the old oil.

Protection from ultimate wear

After a long shut-down period, it is unfortunately possible that the oil has been completely removed from the system and that surfaces are no longer wetted. When the engine is started, “metal meets metal” and maximum wear occurs. Metal surfaces can become damaged by friction. To prevent this, use one of our three oil additives against engine wear as an additive to the motor oil.

They are all motor oil additives designed to reduce friction. This impacts positively on fuel consumption as well as wear and tear. In this way, you also protect the engine from premature piston seizure, for example, in the case of oil loss from older vehicles. Find out which additive is suitable for your application here.

3. Protect electronic parts and connections

Corrosion and oxidation are a battery’s number one enemy. Avoid this easily with our Battery Clamp Grease for battery terminals and contacts of the vehicle’s electronic system. So that your battery starts reliably in the new season and enjoys a long service life.

Our Electronic Spray is suitable for all other electronic connections and components. In this way, you ensure functional reliability for plug-in and clamp connectors, lamps and fuses, ignition distributors, points, switches, battery poles, alternators, starters and many more besides. It reduces wear, displaces moisture, cleans and protects against corrosion, minimizes contact resistance and does not attack paints, plastics or rubber. This makes it ideal for safely getting your vehicle over the winter without corroded surprises in the new season. 

4. Prepare the fuel

It is generally recommended to fill the vehicle up completely before storing it away for winter. Otherwise, condensation can cause oxidation in the tank, which can result in corrosion within the system and serious consequential damage as well as repairs. In addition, the aging of the fuel leads to starting problems. By adding Gasoline Stabilizer to the fuel, you can easily prevent this. 

Winterize vehicle engines properly

For diesel vehicles, the Anti-Bacterial Diesel Additive is suitable for preventive use against diesel contamination and bacteria in vehicles that have been out of service for longer periods, such as motor homes. The additive is also ideal for sterilizing already infested tank systems.

Avoid diesel bug

Get your motorcycle through the winter properly

If you want to avoid damage during storage and problems after the winter, you should know how to properly care for your motorcycle over the winter. We will show you the steps you should take to get your motorcycle through the cold season.

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