Motor system cleaning

Regular and professional fuel and intake system cleaning prevents motor problems and the resulting high repair costs.

You probably know this from home: Your chimney has to be cleaned by the chimney sweep at regular intervals because soot is produced during combustion. But who does this for your vehicle? Here, too, residues are produced in the engine during every combustion process, fouling highly sensitive components such as injection nozzles, injectors and valves - a problem that is exacerbated by predominantly short-distance driving, frequent stop-and-go, poor fuel quality or low-speed driving.

To make matters worse, exhaust gas recirculation systems feed some of the burned exhaust gases back into the combustion chamber. These exhaust gases also form deposits that become so hard over time that they can no longer be removed.

Possible consequences are...

  • a poorly starting engine
  • jerking of the vehicle
  • loss of power
  • bad exhaust gas values
  • rough engine running or misfiring
  • increased fuel consumption
  • lighting up of the engine control lamp

If any of these problems sound familiar, deposits in the fuel or intake system are often the cause. Disturbing deposits in the engine impair complete combustion, reduce performance, increase fuel consumption as well as susceptibility to repair and cause unnecessarily high costs.

Our tip: Get rid of the dirt before it gets really expensive!

What you can do

Option 1: Fuel system cleaning
Cleans and maintains nozzles, injection and intake valves. Combustion residues are thoroughly removed.

Option 2: Intake system cleaning
Cleans and maintains the complete intake and throttle body area. Efficiently removes contamination.

Our tip: Combination package
Professional cleaning of fuel and intake system for best results. Particularly recommended before the main and exhaust emission test

Close-up view of a common rail injector

Close up of the inlet valves

Advantages of motor system cleaning

  • noticeably improved engine running due to optimal combustion
  • restoration of the original performance
  • lower fuel consumption
  • optimized, constant exhaust emission values before main and exhaust emission tests
  • avoidance of costly repairs
  • longer engine life
  • maximum driving pleasure

Cleaning instead of repair

With a professional cleaning of the engine interior, we can quickly remedy the situation and save you from costly repairs or even engine damage!

Precaution instead of aftercare

Better yet, prevent problems from occurring in the first place and treat your engine to a preventive cleaning at every inspection! That way, your car will run smoothly for a long time and retain its full performance.