• 10/09/2019

Nobody else has as many automotive chemicals

LIQUI MOLY offers much more than just oils and additives

October 2019 – There are engine oil suppliers. There are suppliers of additives, polishes and brake cleaners. And then there's LIQUI MOLY. You can get it all from LIQUI MOLY. The company offers a wide and unparalleled range of automotive chemicals that goes far beyond the important product groups of oils and additives.

LIQUI MOLY also provides service products, car care items, air conditioning cleaning products and oil, underseals, glass repair products, brake fluids, antifreeze, greases, pastes and exterior cleaning and care products. The range includes not only the chemicals, but also the tools and equipment needed to use the products. LIQUI MOLY is a full-range retailer - everything is available in one place and the products are compatible with each other.

This removes the need to grapple with dozens of different suppliers at the same time. This makes purchasing and logistics significantly easier. In addition, the products are compatible with each other. This means no more incompatibility issues and makes it possible to bulk buy.

This wide range of products provides numerous entry points when selling. Perhaps the customer does not need oil? No problem, maybe he needs an additive instead. Or a service product. Or antifreeze. Or a diesel particulate filter cleaner. Or something else. Experience shows that someone who has used a LIQUI MOLY product in their every day life and has experienced for themselves the quality it offers, is often much more inclined to try out other products from the range.

The wide range of products that LIQUI MOLY offers goes well beyond the automotive sector. They have similar chemical ranges for motorbikes, commercial vehicles, construction machines, boats and even garden appliances. All together LIQUI MOLY has around 4000 products. The products are sorted into lines tailor-made for different distribution channels and target groups, including continuous improvement and new products.

LIQUI MOLY can look back on over 60 years of experience with automotive chemicals. In its domestic market of Germany, it is the undisputed market leader for additives. It is here that LIQUI MOLY carries out its research and development, and has two production sites.

The broad product range opens up opportunities for creating promotional product bundles. A three piece oil change bundle, for example, consisting of an oil circuit cleaner, engine oil and a wear protection additive. Garages can also offer these bundles to their customers. This lowers the price pressure on the individual products and ensures additional revenue from the bundling.

And it makes it easy to introduce new sales lines. For example, a car garage could offer motorbike oils and additives for sale in their showroom. Most motorbike owners also have a car. When they take their car to the garage they could take the opportunity to spontaneously buy motorbike products. This is additional revenue without additional costs. All thanks to LIQUI MOLY's broad product range.