An extra dose of performance

LIQUI MOLY Speed Tec ensures an additional boost

January 2019 – How well a car accelerates is also down to the combustion in the engine. Speed Tec by German oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY ensures that the gasoline in the engine combusts more evenly and efficiently. This ensures additional performance, particularly in the part-load range.

The improved combustion manifests itself in more performance that the engine delivers. This becomes particularly clear if you do not put your foot down, but accelerate softly. With Speed Tec in the tank the engine better takes on the gasoline and its ventilation is better. Plus, the engine generally runs more smoothly. And the intake system is also cleaned.

LIQUI MOLY Speed Tec can be used with all types of gasoline and is also suitable for catalytic converters. It does not change the octane rating. It is extremely simple: Simply add a can of Speed Tec to the tank when refuelling.

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