• 09/09/2021

New oil for Haldex couplings

LIQUI MOLY’s multi-plate clutch oil ensures powerful propulsion

All-wheel vehicles made by Audi, Opel, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen and Volvo usually have a Haldex clutch. This also powers the rear wheels – but only when necessary. This type of clutch requires a special oil which is now available from LIQUI MOLY. “Our new multi-plate clutch oil is a specialised product that we have developed exclusively for this purpose,” says Oliver Kuhn, Deputy Head of the LIQUI MOLY Oil Laboratory.

It is suitable for Haldex couplings in models by General Motors, Opel/Vauxhall, Volvo and Volkswagen with the specifications VW G 052 175 (TL 52175), VW G 055 175 (TL 52175-X) and VW G 060 175 (TL 52175-Y). With its shear stability and friction coefficient, it ensures optimum power transmission in all operating conditions. It also provides protection from wear and tear, foaming and corrosion.

“This oil ensures drivers are always on the safe side – whether they need all-wheel drive for fast overtaking on the road or for robust off-road driving,” says Oliver Kuhn. It is a high-quality synthetic oil that can also be combined with residues of mineral oil that remain in the gearbox and axle drive after an oil change. Oliver Kuhn: “So you're always on the safe side with our multiple-disc clutch oil.”

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