• 07/25/2017

LIQUI MOLY presents its new Marine range at the Sydney International Boat Show

Motor oils, additives and other chemical tools

July 2017 – German motor oil and additive specialist, LIQUI-MOLY is launching its new Marine range into the Australian market at the Sydney International Boat Show (August 3-7, 2017). This will be the first time Australian boating enthusiasts will see these exciting new products. “Although LIQUI-MOLY is new to the marine market, we’ve made full use of our 60 years of experience with combustion engines,” says Jan Volk, LIQUI-MOLY Marine Manager.

Just as on land, motor oils and additives are also the most important product groups on water. LIQUI-MOLY’s current range of marine lubricants includes five oils for four-stroke engines and three oils specifically developed for two-stroke motors. Combined, they cover a huge range of specifications, including NMMA FC-W, NMMA TC-W3 and Volvo VDS-3. Rather than re-brand existing products, LIQUI-MOLY’s researchers have developed completely new oils for marine applications. “The requirements and mission profiles of marine engines are completely different to automotive,” says Jan. “Our results have been so successful, boat engine manufacturer Tohatsu now recommends the use of LIQUI-MOLY in their engines.”

LIQUI-MOLY’s dedicated range of marine additives includes a number of special chemical tools, developed for very specific tasks. Of great interest will be LIQUI-MOLY’s Marine Diesel Protect. This all-rounder solves a whole series of typical marine diesel problems straight off the bat. It fights diesel bug bacteria, rids the fuel system of harmful deposits, increases the cetane number for better combustion, protects the fuel system against corrosion, as well as protecting the diesel fuel itself against damaging oxidation and aging. In addition to preventing engine problems, LIQUI-MOLY Marine Diesel Protect also removes the fear of long downtimes.

Alongside this universal tool, LIQUI-MOLY’s Marine Fuel Stabiliser protects the fuel against aging and oxidation in seldom used engines. To this, Super Diesel Additive also contains cleaning agents along with a biocide to remove damaging deposits and prevent diesel bug.

Included in this initial launch is gearbox oils, care products and specialised products such as Winch Grease. This high-performance, synthetic grease features PTFE solid lubricants and is free of resins and acids making it ideal for marine use.

“We don't just want to deliver products, but solutions,” says Jan. It’s this philosophy that has provided LIQUI-MOLY with such great strength in automotive field. Here, LIQUI-MOLY’s large and diverse range of products are continually updated and broadened to meet the demands of the latest manufacturer specifications. As well as meet the ever-growing need for products that provide effective solutions to specific problems. To ensure similar strength within marine sector, LIQUI-MOLY is looking to greatly expand the initial range with a full line-up of specific chemical tools and lubricants.

“LIQUI-MOLY is well known for its tailor-made solutions,” says Jan. “We also place great value on customer feedback. Thanks to their input, not only are our existing products continuously improved, but new products are also developed. We are chemical specialists, rather than offer one-size-fits-all, band-aid products, we want to provide products optimised to suit specific requirements. And if such a product does not exist, then we will just develop one.”

The new Marine line will be distributed by LIQUI-MOLY Germany’s long term Australian partner, MotorActive. Based in Silverwater, NSW, MotorActive has been the Australian importer for nearly ten years. The 2017 Sydney International Boat Show is on August 3-7. With LIQUI-MOLY located at booth 616-618 in Level Upper 5.