• 11/04/2021
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LIQUI MOLY – give me five!

For the readers of the German car magazine “Sport Auto”, the best motor oil still comes from Ulm

Racing cars and sporty automobiles are in a class of their own. Performance is the top priority. And, for LIQUI MOLY, the prize in the “lubricants” category of the magazine “Sport Auto” is a class of its own. For the fifth time in a row, the readers opted for the Ulm brand.

Just another title for the prize gallery, you might think. After all, LIQUI MOLY has been at the top of many readers’ polls ever since 2011 and now has a remarkable collection of awards. The fifth victory in the “Sport Auto” readers’ ranking is a particular success for LIQUI MOLY Managing Director Ernst Prost: “When they seem to reach the technical limits, the designers of sports cars tickle the last little bit of power out of the engine. In order for this approach to work, the oil must also be able to deliver maximum performance.” So it is hardly surprising that motor oil is not just a viscous liquid for cars, but a design element. “It’s high-tech filled into drums and canisters,” says Ernst Prost.

For LIQUI MOLY, being able to consistently hold its own in such a demanding vehicle class is a vote of confidence in its high quality standards and the performance of its lubricants. And performance is also called for by sports car drivers. Strong acceleration, high revs and top speeds demand everything from the lubricant. The oil must guarantee fast oil penetration to the narrowest points in the motor, a permanently stable lubricating film and strong wear protection. This is why drivers of such cars pay close attention to which spare parts, including the motor oil, are used. “The special demands of drivers such as the readers of the Sport Auto give this award its outstanding significance,” explains the LIQUI MOLY Managing Director.

Just as team managers look ahead to the next race, the joy at LIQUI MOLY of winning the reader survey is already tempered by the prospect of the next edition. “In order for us to be able to celebrate the sixth title, we must maintain our high level of performance. The best thing would be for everyone to take it up a notch,” says Ernst Prost.