• 05/09/2018

Green protection for the diesel particulate filter

New motor oil by LIQUI MOLY: Molygen New Generation 5W-30 DPF
May 2018 – The Molygen product family by LIQUI MOLY is characterized by the particularly effective wear protection. Now the German oil and additive specialist has developed a new oil: Molygen New Generation 5W-30 DPF. "This means that vehicles with diesel particulate filters can now also benefit from the extra protection," says Oliver Kuhn, deputy laboratory manager at LIQUI MOLY.

This extra protection is significant: SRV tests have shown that wear is a third lower with the Molygen New Generation 5W-30 DPF than in comparison with the usual 5W-30 oils. The strong wear protection can be seen when filling up: Unlike conventional oils, the Molygen oils are not golden brown, but glowing green. The new Molygen New Generation 5W-30 DPF is also green. What sets it apart from the other Molygen oils by LIQUI MOLY is its suitability for diesel particulate filters.

One of the places where the diesel engine is on the rise is Asia. Fuel quality has also become so good there that it even makes sense to operate vehicles with diesel particulate filters. It is for them that LIQUI MOLY has developed the new Molygen New Generation 5W-30 DPF. It not only protects the engine, but also the diesel particulate filter.

Diesel particulate filters draw the soot from the exhaust gas. To ensure the filter does not prematurely clog up, no ordinary motor oil can be used, but instead a so-called low SAPS oil. SAPS stands for sulfated ash, phosphorus, sulfur. These are the substances in the oil that cause the filter problems and means they prematurely clog up. In low SAPS oils their amount is greatly reduced. That's how Molygen New Generation 5W-30 DPF ensures a long service life of the filter.