• 05/06/2020
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Free car service for NHS staff

Additive manufacturer LIQUI MOLY offers service packages as a way of thanking those battling against COVID-19.

May 2020 – NHS staff can treat their car with a free additive pack. The special offer by German oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY is being provided in collaboration with selected garages. “It’s only a small contribution,” says Tim Keller, who is responsible for LIQUI MOLY operations in the UK. “But we’d like to do something to thank those who are at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19.” A map showing the garages participating in the campaign can be found here.

The LIQUI MOLY package includes a whole range of products: Engine Flush cleans the oil circuit, removing sludge, deposits and dirt, while Oil Additive reduces friction in the engine, protecting it from wear and tear. Injection Cleaner for petrol engines and Super Diesel Additives for diesel engines remove deposits from the injection system so as to ensure the engine regains its original performance and fuel consumption levels. Finally, Climate Fresh removes unpleasant odours inside the vehicle. The package as a whole ensures the car functions more reliably, reducing the risk of engine problems and extending the life of the car.

“Many of the day-to-day heroes working for the NHS use their private cars to go to work,” says Tim Keller. “That's why we want to offer them this support.” Anyone wishing to take up this free offer should contact one of the participating garages in their area. The NHS identification card serves as legitimation. “I'd be delighted if we could express our thanks to as many NHS staff as possible in this way,” says Tim Keller. “We'd love to help with disinfectants, face masks and other much-needed materials, but we're in the wrong industry for that. So we’re helping with what we do best: oils, additives and other car care products.”

This offer is one of numerous of measures being implemented by LIQUI MOLY to support people all over the world in the battle against COVID-19. Globally LIQUI MOLY provides rescue services and hospitals with products worth more than GBP 3 million.