• 07/10/2018
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A clear vote from the garages: LIQUI MOLY is the best oil brand

The readers of German trade journal "Werkstatt aktuell" vote LIQUI MOLY to the top
July 2018 – The German magazine "Werkstatt aktuell" (Garage News) addresses commercial vehicle garages. It asks its readers for the best brands in the service sector. When it came to lubricants, LIQUI MOLY came top – with a big gap to the next places. The German oil and additive specialist hereby underlines its high quality level for products as well as services. There is an emphasis on cars, however, LIQUI MOLY also has a comprehensive range specially for commercial vehicles. And this quality is being well received on the market. The readers of the sector publication "Werkstatt aktuell" chose LIQUI MOLY as the best lubricant brand with a 47.9 percent share of the votes. There was a big gap to Castrol in second (16.2 percent) and Mobil in third (12 percent). LIQUI MOLY attained another success in the "caring and cleaning" category, where the brand clinched second place. For LIQUI MOLY these results are of very special importance, because the readers of "Werkstatt aktuell" are professionals. They use the products every day and know exactly which ones make their everyday work easier and what they can blindly trust. It is already the fifth time in a row that they have voted LIQUI MOLY as the best oil brand. But the brand is also popular with car drivers. The readers of five major car publications in Germany have voted LIQUI MOLY as the best oil brand.