• 02/13/2018

532 million Euro turnover, 52 million Euro profit, 11,000 Euro bonus for each one, 4 million Euro donations

Ladies and gentlemen of the journalistic fraternity, dear representatives of the press, Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, the day of love and charity. And by the way, it’s also my birthday – the 61st. And because this is how we like it, the Liqui Moly financial statements have also always been completed on this day and certified by our auditors. After all, we want to know what’s been achieved in the past year :-). So please allow me to report the following: Our turnover in 2017 was 532 million Euro, an increase of 9% on the 489 million Euro achieved in 2016. Our profit before tax is 52 million Euro. Also an increase of 9% compared to the previous year. That’s what we need! Just to maintain our equity capital ratio of 80%. And because not only I, but the entire team, my 835 colleagues worked hard, economised well and so produced an excellent team result, the time has now come to distribute the – expressed idiomatically – “rich spoils”. As they already did last year, each one of my co-entrepreneurs receives a so-called victory bonus, a special payment of 11,000 Euro gross. Including the employers’ share, we are distributing a sum of over 10 million Euro. That brings me the greatest joy – and of course also the 50 jobs that we created last year. In the past two years it was actually a total of 100. It’s also the time to not only think about ourselves, but also about other people who aren’t so well off. People in need who I’ve been helping through my private foundation for the past 7 years together with my son Benjamin Orschulik and my dearest Kerstin Thiele. Therefore I have decided to privately donate 3 million Euro to the Ernst Prost Foundation and 1 million Euro to the Ernst Prost Foundation for Africa from the revenue I managed to obtain from selling Liqui Moly to Würth. I already made the corresponding transfers today. The 11,000 Euro victory bonus for my colleagues will be transferred with their next payslip. I wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day and would be pleased if you reported the information I’ve provided to you here. Kind regards Your Ernst Prost