Solve engine problems and make money: with LIQUI MOLY additives

Do you want to earn money? We show you how!

Awaken the “problem awareness” of your customers for engine system cleaning

To do this, actively use decorative hangers, information brochures, mirror tags, etc. and address potential problems to your customers (e.g. high fuel consumption, starting difficulties).

Show the possible solutions through the use of additives.

Talk to your customers about the advantages and mode of action of additives and focus in particular on the benefits for the customer.

Use additives preventively!

Perform engine system cleaning during maintenance. If you explain this “properly” to the customers, they will certainly be willing to pay for this additional service.

10 tips for successful businesses with fuel and oil additives in the workshop

  • Selling additives increases the annual yield of the workshop without additional work or time.
  • Awaken the awareness for problems among your customers. In other words, actively offer additives. Talk to your customers about it and don’t wait until you are asked.
  • Do not sell just “1 can of additive”, but engine system cleaning (gasoline/diesel additive) or long-term wear protection (oil additives).
  • Do not sell the price, but rather the performance of the additive. Talk to your customers about the advantages and mode of action of additives and, in particular, focus on the benefits for the customer.
  • Explain to your customer that deposits form in every engine during the combustion process, especially on valves and injectors.
  • Explain the consequences:
    Deposits = loss of performance = increased consumption = higher pollutant emissions
  • Fuel additives reduce these deposits or prevent them from forming in the first place:
    No deposits = optimum performance = reduced fuel consumption = lower pollutant emissions
  • All additives have been precisely tested for compatibility with all fuels and motor oils. Negative effects are guaranteed not to take place.
  • Bring your technical knowledge and skill to bear in your sales pitch. Use short and easy words in combination with pictures from the brochures to explain to your customer the background and causes of the problems that arise (e.g. contamination in the system) and the resulting consequences (rough engine running, high fuel consumption). Point out possible consequential damage and the corresponding costs (such as replacement of the valves, among other things). Show compression test logs and carbon deposits on valves, for example, and explain that for only € 15 the customer receives a sparkling clean engine.
  • Take advantage of the training opportunities, technical information and brochures or advertising materials for support.

High revenue with low effort

For each vehicle check, servicing or emissions test, perform a cleaning of the entire engine system. Your customer will thank you later. The service life and performance of the vehicle increase, fuel consumption decreases and you can achieve additional business.

Either add the Pro-Line Gasoline System Cleaner or Diesel System Cleaner to the tank or use our JetClean device and the cleaning fluid especially developed for it for maximum intensive cleaning.


You prove to the customer the service provided through our LIQUI MOLY performance guarantee. JetClean is a special stainless steel container that can hold 5 L of Fuel System Intensive Cleaner or Diesel System Intensive Cleaner . Depending on the injection system, the JetClean container is brought up to the appropriate system pressure or pre-delivery pressure on gasoline or diesel vehicles. Special adapters and fittings supplied together with the unit make it quick and easy to connect the JetClean unit’s hoses to the respective injection system without removing components of the injection system for cleaning purposes. Within a very short time (10 – 30 minutes), JetClean cleans the fuel distributor, control plungers, injection valves, injection nozzles, combustion chambers, intake valves and other components of the injection system. 5 liters of Fuel or Diesel System Intensive Cleaner are sufficient for cleaning several systems even with heavy deposits. JetClean is not only used for remedial purposes, but is also used to regularly maintain and keep the system clean. The investment for the JetClean unit is recovered after only a few applications.

For gasoline engines:

Optimize the emission values before the emissions inspection

All products have one thing in common: They reduce CO and HC levels as well as soot and optimize the values before the emissions inspection. They clean contaminated gasoline injection systems, remove carbon and other deposits in the combustion chamber, in the mixture preparation systems and at the injection valves and intake valves and ensure precise dosage of injection quantities and fuel atomization. The engine regains its original output and fuel consumption is lowered. Successfully tested according to internationally standardized CEC bench tests. An environmentally friendly combustion process is guaranteed. Compatible with turbochargers and catalytic converters.

For diesel engines:

For diesel engines:

Engine output that you hear and feel

LIQUI MOLY Pro-Line Diesel System Cleaner reduces pollutant emissions and thus optimizes smoke opacity before the emissions inspection. They clean injection nozzles and the entire fuel system of troublesome deposits, prevent the seizing and gumming up of nozzle needles, increase the ignition performance of the diesel fuel and optimize the combustion process. The engine regains its original performance and the knocking is reduced. Overall, the engine runs smoother and starts more easily. Successfully tested in international bench tests.

Cleaning instead of replacing

In diesel vehicles that are predominantly driven over short distances, the diesel particulate filter (DPF) does not always become hot enough to burn off the soot particles that have accumulated there. In this case, a regeneration program is automatically initiated by the vehicle, in which more diesel fuel is injected to produce a higher exhaust gas temperature.

These high exhaust temperatures normally burn off the soot particles. However, the regeneration mode is not possible in certain driving situations, such as city traffic or long tailbacks. If the failure to perform regeneration occurs several times, the diesel particulate filter becomes increasingly full. The diesel particulate filter is clogged.

Thanks to the specially developed diesel particulate filter cleaning set, the particulate filter can be cleaned quickly and effortlessly – cost-effectively and without having to replace the diesel particulate filter. You can carry out this cleaning efficiently with our Pro-Line Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner and our Pro-Line Diesel Particulate Filter Purge with the appropriate spray probes.

LIQUI MOLY Pro-Line additives have been specially developed for the requirements in professional workshops. All Pro-Line additives are also available in large containers specifically for the commercial vehicle sector.

Soot particles clog the diesel particulate filter. The exhaust back pressure increases and the engine performance deteriorates significantly. A cleaned filter has a longer service life
and ensures full engine performance again.