• 03/25/2021
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Temot honors LIQUI MOLY as the best supplier

The German oil and additive specialist wins in the category “Best Supplier 2020: Growth & Sales” thanks to its countercyclical strategy

Temot International is a worldwide purchasing association of independent car parts wholesalers, generating sales of EUR 11.4 billion in 96 countries. Temot is thus one of the largest purchasing cooperations. The Temot Global Forum, which was of course virtual, also took stock of the past year, during which the pandemic was a dominant theme: disrupted supply chains, sluggish demand and general uncertainty made business difficult. 
Under such conditions, it becomes apparent what a partnership is actually worth. That is why this year’s rankings of the best suppliers were awaited with particular excitement. Thomas Kobudzinski, Chief Services Officer (CSO) at Temot International, emphasized that many companies had distinguished themselves in individual areas. Overall, however, the field thinned out. In the end, Temot members put LIQUI MOLY on the winners’ podium as “Best Supplier 2020: Growth & Sales”. 
“This is great recognition of our work,” said Ingo Lindner, who is responsible for international purchasing cooperations at LIQUI MOLY. The outbreak of the pandemic led to uncertainty: Many companies shut down their operations, some were suddenly no longer able to deliver, and some even not even reachable for their customers, Ingo Lindner knows. LIQUI MOLY took a different approach.
The oil and additive specialist relied on a countercyclical strategy: no budget cuts but doubled marketing investments, no layoffs but hiring, no service desert but massive expansion of digital customer support. “This helped our customers through the difficult times,” explained Ingo Lindner. “Because we can only be successful ourselves if our partners are also successful.” This strategy proved to be the right way forward: Last year, LIQUI MOLY increased its turnover by 7 percent despite the pandemic.