• 02/05/2021

Fire support: Relaunch of LIQUI MOLY GUNTEC

Lubricant specialist puts weapon care line on the market with a new look

The oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY has refreshed its range for gun care. The product and packaging have been completely redesigned and modernized. A special cleaner for silencers now complements the GUNTEC range. The German company is once again taking control in terms of marketing and sales. “The time is ripe,” says Managing Director Ernst Prost.

The cans, tubes and bottles of the updated weapon care series are now available in sophisticated matt black. A crosshair on every product leaves no doubt about who LIQUI MOLY GUNTEC is targeting as a customer: hunters and sports shooters – but also those who wear a weapon by profession.

The range, consisting of Gun Care Spray, Gun Oil, Gun Grease and the newly developed Silencer Cleaner, is small but impressive. This aqueous special surfactant solution quickly and thoroughly dissolves and neutralizes combustion residues. The cleaner is suitable for all types of silencers. Also for types that cannot be disassembled or are made of carbon.

With the GUNTEC line, the care product manufacturer is transferring its expertise from vehicles to firearms. Car drivers and weapon owners generally face the same challenge: Ensure functionality and value retention through care. This applies to hunters as well as sports shooters, to both handguns and long weapons. After all, the firearms must function dependably whether you’re out hunting, at the range, or in competitions. That’s what matters. The visual impression a gun makes is also important – not only for collectors. “That’s why careful and correct cleaning and maintenance of the gun is an absolute must for every owner. The GUNTEC series from LIQUI MOLY offers everything you need for this,” says the Managing Director.

In its home market of Germany, GUNTEC is a term known in professional circles. The products are valued. The starting signal was given in 1997. “LIQUI MOLY had a wealth of specialist knowledge in the field of cleaning, maintenance and care. Back then, we expanded our range to include gun care products. Ultimately, it was also a question of diversification,” says Ernst Prost.

Almost a quarter of a century ago, however, the prerequisites for marketing and selling such a special range were different for the lubricant professionals. “The conditions in this particular market were so different from our core business that, after a certain learning phase, we expected more success from a different approach,” says the LIQUI MOLY Managing Director. For this reason, a license agreement was concluded in spring 2005 with a company from the weapon care industry. From then on, this firm handled marketing and sales.

The arrangement ended on 31 December 2020. The licensing business had not developed sufficiently. LIQUI MOLY was of the opinion that the time was ripe to look after GUNTEC again on its own initiative. “We are now available as a global brand in 150 countries and are thus well positioned to make the most of our gun care program. Thanks to our advertising efforts in recent years, our brand is well known far beyond the automotive industry and motorsport. Many people who trust LIQUI MOLY in their cars also use products from our ranges for motorcycles, bicycles and garden equipment, so why not also for hunting and sporting weapons?” Ernst Prost points out.

In the future, Domestic Sales in Germany and Austria will drive the GUNTEC range forward. In all other markets, the Export Area Managers in the countries and regions they serve will take care of the sale of this special range. Market access will take place via wholesalers and shippers and also online. Ernst Prost: “The starting signal has been fired. Now we have to show what we’ve got to offer."