• 05/11/2017

Breathe a sigh of relief for the air filter

Special cleaner enhances the motorbike range by LIQUI MOLY
May 2017 – For a proper combustion process, the motorbike motor requires lots of clean air. The air filter takes care of this and filters out dirt and dust particles. Over time, its absorption capacity dwindles. But it can be increased again by cleaning. The German motor oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY offers the new motorbike air filter cleaner for this.

A reliable filter is incredibly important, as impurities in the air act like sandpaper in the motor and can lead to the premature wear of components. "It is not just in the motor that dirt and dust particles can cause damage. Other components in the air intake duct, such as the air flow meter, are also at risk," says David Kaiser, Head of Research & Development at LIQUI MOLY.

Like a sponge, the filter is limited in its absorption capacity. But optimum air flow can be achieved again with a cleaner. The new motorbike air filter cleaner by LIQUI MOLY is a special agent for filters made from foam. It is a water-miscible cleaning concentrate. It is very productive, gently removing dust, oil and grease without damaging the foam pores.

Is a special cleaner even really needed? On internet forums, agents such as gasoline or diesel are discussed. Both are clearly rejected by David Kaiser: "Gasoline does clean, but it can damage sensitive filters." In the worst case, the foam hardens or deforms. With diesel, the development boss sees the removal of inorganic compounds from the filter as the problem. "Diesel is not up for this job. Sand, salt, dust and sludge are only removed by water." Furthermore, diesel and gasoline are far from safe. Even breathing in the fumes is harmful to health. Skin contact can lead to irritations and the fuels are suspected of causing cancer.

"The motorbike air filter cleaner is free of solvents, is biodegradable and cleans the filter in no time at all," says David Kaiser. Very important: under no circumstances wring out the filter. This can damage it. And treat the filter with LIQUI MOLY motor bike air filter oil before fitting.