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Quick and easy engine maintenance: Additive guide for motorcyclists


From cylinders to spark plugs – we show you how to extend the service life of your bike quickly, inexpensively and without great effort while optimizing performance. Ready to get the engine up to speed with LIQUI MOLY?

As the ultimate vehicle of passion, motorcycles are the choice of all enthusiasts when it comes to experiencing freedom on two wheels. But the passion for motorcycling doesn’t stop when you get off the bike after the tour. To make sure riding remains a pleasure, proper care is needed!

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure that the bike always runs reliably when you need it. Whether it’s an adventure tour or a Sunday ride on or off the road, all motorcycles need appropriate care of the technical components, in order to remain operational and reliable over the long term and to perform optimally.

A clean oil circuit is key to top performance

The motor oil is the most important lubricant in the engine. It not only lubricates moving parts, but also ensures optimum power output through sealing, cooling and cleaning. It also provides the necessary corrosion protection in the engine, not least because most motorcycles stand still over the winter and sufficient protection must be provided especially during this time.


The motor oil lubricates moving parts of the engine, e.g. pistons, crankshaft and camshaft. Lubrication reduces friction, which on the one hand counteracts the wear of these components and on the other hand increases the service life of the engine, while also improving performance due to the lower resistance.


The motor oil helps to seal the cylinder walls and maintains the combustion pressure. A good seal ensures optimum compression performance and prevents power loss due to leaks.


As the motor oil dissipates the heat from the parts heated by the friction, it fulfills a cooling function. This ensures the optimal operating temperature. Maximum power can be efficiently accessed without degradation due to overheating.


The motor oil and the oil filter collect dirt particles, deposits and combustion residues in the engine that impair performance. Regular oil changes remove these impurities.

Corrosion protection

Motor oil forms a protective film over the metal surfaces. This prevents exposure to air and protects the engine from the aggressive products of combustion.

These properties are no longer sufficient if you use oil that is too old or the wrong oil. In addition to reduced performance, serious damage to the engine and other parts may also result. Regular renewal of the motor oil and the use of the correct oil therefore belong to the basics of engine care. You can easily find the right motor oil for your bike in our oil guide.

To the oil guide

However, depending on your driving style and the mileage, fresh oil alone is not enough. Even with regular oil changes, oil sludge and other deposits form in the oil circuit over time. Both should definitely be removed to ensure flawless operation and the best performance of the engine!

Motorbike Engine Flush
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Tech tip
Clutch slip can occur when switching to a different engine oil. The addition of Motorbike Engine Flush (Shooter) before draining the used oil can avoid this issue.

Removing deposits

These can be quickly, easily and cheaply removed with Motorbike Engine Flush. It is added to the old oil shortly before the oil change. It removes deposits from the motorbike engine. Old sludge and impurities are loosened thanks to the highly effective cleaning additives and then drained with the used oil. The fresh motor oil can now develop its full performance in the engine, as it does not have to remove the old dirt first.

  • Ensures original engine performance
  • Cleaning and care
  • Easy to use
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Catalytic converter-tested
  • Long engine service life
  • Neutral towards conventional sealant materials
Motorbike Oil Additive
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Tech tip
Can be applied in both 4 and 2-stroke engines. Maximum dosage in 4-stroke engines with wet clutch is a 3 % ratio to the appropriate engine oil, or 5 % in 4-stroke engines with dry clutch. In 2-stroke engines, either 5 % to 2-stroke oil with separate lubrication or 1 to 2 ml per 1 l with 2-stroke oil/fuel mixture.

Securing optimum lubrication

The optimum lubricating effect can then be supported with Motorbike Oil Additive. It is added to the fresh motor oil and, as engine wear protection based on the molybdenum disulfide formulation (MoS2) that been proven for decades, ensures a scientifically based reduction in wear. This not only extends the service life of the engine, but also increases the power yield. The engine also runs more smoothly, reducing oil and fuel consumption.

  • Easier running of the engine
  • Can be mixed with commercially available motor oils
  • Reduces running-in and operational wear
  • Lowers oil and fuel consumption
  • Absolutely filter-compatible
  • Compatible with ultra-fine filters
  • Suitable for wet clutches
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Catalytic converter-tested

Better power output with a clean fuel system

Deposits also form in the fuel or injection system. The soot produced during combustion is often deposited on the injection nozzles, piston rings and valves, which means that the engine no longer operates efficiently and can lose power.

Of course, we also offer a simple and inexpensive remedy here. Motorbike 2T Bike Additive for 2-stroke engines and Motorbike 4T Bike Additive for 4-stroke engines remove deposits in the fuel system, carburetor, valves, spark plugs and combustion chamber and prevent them from forming again. This optimizes the performance of the engine.

Improving performance

Motorbike Speed Additive ensures even more driving pleasure through optimized power output in all 2- and 4-stroke engines, thanks to its ash-free combination of active ingredients with acceleration-enhancing, cleaning, dispersive and material-protecting properties. It optimizes the combustion of the fuel, which also benefits the motorcycle’s starting ability.

  • Prevents carburetor icing
  • Higher power output
  • Increases operational reliability
  • Cleans the fuel system
  • Prevents corrosion in the fuel system
  • Protects the fuel against oxidation and ageing
  • Enhances acceleration

Motorbike Shooters: Increased performance and perfectly dosed engine protection

Do you want to get the most out of your motorcycle and protect it at the same time? Whether maximum performance with every tank filling or perfect wear protection with every oil change: Our handy Motorbike Shooters offer exactly the right dosage for in-between and without remainders.

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Operational reliability thanks to a clean cooling circuit

Even more deposits? Unfortunately, yes. These also form in cooling systems and represent barriers to heat exchange, blocking thermostatic valves and regulating mechanisms. As a result, the cooling system does not operate correctly, which can lead to an excessively high engine temperature, high wear and a significant risk of damage.

Cleaning the cooling circuit

Motorbike Radiator Cleaner removes harmful oil and lime deposits in the cooling system. Before the coolant is changed, the cleaning agent is added to the old coolant. Deposits are thus removed effortlessly when the cleaner is drained. This ensures optimum engine temperature and operational reliability.

  • Disperses the sludge
  • Eliminates oily and greasy dirt
  • Chemical lime conversion
  • Compatible with antifreeze
  • Neutral upon contact with rubber and plastics
  • Neutralizes acids

Sealing the cooling circuit

Leaky cooling system? Also not a problem. Motorbike Radiator Stop Leak reliably seals hairline cracks and minor leaks.

  • Permanently and reliably seals hairline cracks and minor leaks
  • Suitable for aluminum radiators
  • No harmful side effects
  • Compatible with commercially available coolant enhancers and antifreeze agents
Motorbike Gasoline Stabilizer
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Tech tip
Recommendation for use before wintering: Ride through the second to last tank of fuel with Motorbike 4T Bike-Additive to clean the entire fuel system and fuel treatment system, in particular the nozzles. Then add Motorbike Gasoline Stabilizer in a dosage of 5 ml per 1 l of fuel to the last tank of fuel before putting into storage. Perfect mixing occurs during the ride, distributing Motorbike Gasoline Stabilizer to the entire fuel system. Handy hint: Also empty the float chambers on carburettor engines so that the floats do not fill up while in storage!

Winterizing your motorcycle correctly

If the bike has to go into the garage for a longer period of time, our Motorbike Gasoline Stabilizer is ideal for all 2- and 4-stroke injection and carburetor units. It preserves and protects the fuel against ageing and oxidation. It also prevents corrosion in the entire fuel system. So that your motorcycle can start up again flawlessly and without any problems after the long break.

  • Economical due to precise dosing
  • Simple use
  • Increases operational reliability
  • Catalytic converter-tested
  • With long-term effect
  • Protects the fuel against oxidation and ageing

Of course, other parts must also be checked for technical functionality on a regular basis. This includes, for example: the electrics and the brakes. Using the right brake fluid is therefore also crucial for ensuring that you are safe on the road. Brake fluids are safety-critical components! You can also find the right brake fluid for your motorcycle quickly and easily by using our oil guide.

After the technology comes the optics. Bringing the motorcycle to a high shine is of course no problem with LIQUI MOLY.

Whether it’s paint, chrome, plastic or leather, we offer the right helpers for all surfaces to optimally clean and maintain your bike.

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