• 05/06/2024

International Marketing Campaign 2024


We are launching a new international online campaign, primarily on social media. It revolves all around our core competence: motor oil and motor oil changes. You as our partners will benefit from it.


Goals of the campaign

Of course, we want to further strengthen our international brand awareness. At the same time, we focus on generating direct sales on our partners, workshops, and dealers. In this broad-based print, online and social media campaign, you can see our campaign motif in a number of dimensions. With the campaign we want to support you directly in your market, on your point of sale.

Furthermore, you also have the opportunity, to use all the materials in other activities. We have web banners and print motifs in different languages.

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What is the campaign about?

We want to run a campaign that works internationally. The focus is on our core competence: motor oil and motor oil changes! The entire campaign revolves around this. We play with the symbol of the illuminated oil lamp in the cockpit. We want this symbol, which is synonymous with motor oil, to be inextricably linked with LIQUI MOLY.

"If motor oil, then LIQUI MOLY!"

This is where we pick up on Genie, the genie in the bottle. Our genie - the LIQUI MOLY genie - is the wish fulfiller. He stands for all-round service and relieves the driver of all worries. 

To generate more awareness and attractiveness of the campaign, we linked it to a competition, where the participants can win one week in Barcelona, a dream journey including the visit of a Formula 1® race.

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