• 02/28/2023

Fitting the easy way


LIQUI MOLY makes a snap of tire and wheel service

Every six months, the customer comes in again for sure: October and Easter time is prime tire and wheel season. As a lucrative additional business, this task is gaining in importance in more and more workshops. Practical, effective and economical helpers for these jobs are welcome in any business. LIQUI MOLY has the right specialists on hand with its wide range of service products and repair aids.

Swift, clean and reliable is the mantra of workshop operators for their work on wheels and tires during peak periods. For this, special tools and machines are essential – together with the corresponding service products. There is no other way for automotive workshops to professionally manage the increased volume of additional services such as tire fitting and removal.

Time and quality play a decisive role. With LIQUI MOLY’s Tire Fitting Spray, things go smoothly, thanks to the product’s outstanding creep and lubrication properties. It also prevents the tire from shifting on the rim after fitting. And the additional cleaning effort previously required to remove the mounting paste from the tire wall is no longer necessary. Some tire manufacturers prescribe such a spray for mounting and removing “run-flat tires” with emergency running properties.

LIQUI MOLY supplies the Tire Fitting Paste mentioned in white and in black. Before the wheel is mounted, Wheel Hub Paste is used. This is a synthetic, metal-free release agent. It prevents the rim from seizing or rust freezing of the rims on the wheel hub, and adheres even at high speeds. Also practical: The paste is effective against squeaking and can be easily applied using the brush can.

The triple star of Rapid Cleaner, Special Rim Cleaner and Tire Bright Foam ensure that the work is a clean and efficient process.

Tobias Gerstlauer
Head of Media Relations D/A/CH
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