• 06/23/2016

Three ways towards a clean air conditioner

We show you three ways towards a clean air conditioner
As temperatures rise, the car air conditioner is beginning to be used again. If it is not just a cool breeze rolling through your car's interior, but also an unpleasant odor, then that's a sign that the air conditioner has been beset by bacteria and mold. This doesn't just stink, but can cause allergies.

There are three ways by LIQUI MOLY to help with this.

The first method is the most affordable: LIQUI MOLY Climate Fresh. The spray is a deodorant for cars that every driver can use themselves. The self-emptying can is set in the footwell and the air conditioner switched on. The active substances spread in the ventilation and free the air conditioner from unpleasant odors.

The second method is more thorough: Cleaning with the LIQUI MOLY A/C System Cleaner. The spray can includes a large probe with which the active substances can be directly sprayed into the fresh air supply. This ensures that not only the lines, but also the evaporator of the air conditioner is cleaned. The advantage is the simple application without requiring any additional equipment. The Cleaner can also be used by experienced end users.

The most thorough cleaning is offered by a professional clean in the workshop. It is for this purpose that LIQUI MOLY has developed the 2K A/C System Cleaner. Conventional air conditioner cleaners are sensitive to temperature and disintegrate in high temperatures. But not the 2K A/C System Cleaner. Here the two components are first fixed immediately before use. Separated they can be stored for up to two years. That's why the 2K A/C System Cleaner is particularly well-suited to hot countries. The cleaning liquid is applied to the evaporator with a spray pistol and reliably eliminates bacteria and mold.

These three methods – the simple Climate Fresh for eliminating unpleasant odors, the A/C System Cleaner spray can for quick cleaning and the 2K A/C System Cleaner for thorough cleaning – cover the entire spectrum. Everyone can find what they need depending on their wallet and cleaning performance required. And bad odors from ventilation become a thing of the past.