• 09/27/2017

Professional solution for changing a diesel filter

With the Pro-Line diesel filter additive by LIQUI MOLY garages can increase revenue and customer loyalty
September 2017 – Diesel filters are among the typical service parts of a vehicle that have to be regularly replaced. The intervals are specified by the car manufacturers. Usually, the filter is replaced during an inspection. The German oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY has developed an additive that should be a part of every professional filter change.

No air may get into the system while changing the diesel filter, otherwise pressure can no longer be built up and wear to the injection pump sharply increases. And protecting the pump is important in diesel motors. Generally, the injection is at 2000 bar. That's why the filter has to be filled with liquid. That's usually around 300 milliliters of diesel fuel. Garages do not account for this, but over the years the costs build up. LIQUI MOLY solves this problem with the Pro-Line diesel filter additive.

The new profile product is filled into the diesel filter. "There the additive is concentrated and immediately cleans the injection system and the nozzles," explains David Kaiser. He heads the Research & Development department at LIQUI MOLY. The additive also includes a lubrication enhancer. This becomes important if there are air bubbles in the system. They can cause the lubricating film of the oil to tear. The lubrication enhancer prevents this. The cetan number booster also included reduces jolting and optimizes the starting ability of the motor. Overall, the motor runs more quietly with this application. Most diesel filters hold 300 milliliters. The rest of the 500 milliliter can is filled into the tank and additionally cleans in a lower dose over a longer time period.

"The filter replacement is significantly easier, cleaner and even healthier with the additive," says David Kaiser. Some garages fill diesel with the difficult to dose fuel pump. Thorough cleaning after the filter change is therefore often the consequence - an unnecessary and unhealthy one, as diesel fuel is thought to be carcinogenic.

For garages, the Pro-Line diesel filter additive is a further opportunity to generate additional revenue and, at the same time, to intensify customer loyalty, if they sell this addition as a new service component of the inspection, which contributes towards fuel combusting better in the motor and therefore, in the long term, the motor remains functional for longer. "Furthermore, a garage with diesel cleaning can differentiate itself from competitors," explains David Kaiser.