• 09/10/2015

New LIQUI MOLY Oil for Vehicles from Fiat and PSA Group

Low SAPS Top Tec 4310 0W-30 motor oil fulfills the stringent requirements specified by Euro-6 Standard
March 2016 – Maximum output, low displacement, high fuel mileage and optimum environmental standardsare the criteria expected from automobile manufacturers when designing engines. This requires special types of oil. Top Tec 4310 0W-30 from the German motor oil specialist LIQUI MOLY satisfies these requirements for vehicles from Fiat and the French PSA Group with Peugeot and Citroën.

Top Tec 4310 0W-30 is is a low SAPS oil. This is the designation for a lubricant with very low percentages of sulfate ash, phosphorus and sulfur. Low SAPS oils have only been on the market for a few years. Since their introduction their share on the market has increased continuously because automobile manufacturers can fulfill the increasingly stringent emission standards only with the aid of catalytic converters and particulate filters. These components operate without problems only in combination with motor oils, which form low quantities of ash.

For the developers of motor oil, this represents a technological turnaround. Because the traditional composition of lubricants is not compatible with the new particulate filter components. The new Top Tec 4310 oil from LIQUII MOLY represents the apex of this technological development.. With a viscosity of 0W-30 it is a very thin oil. This reduces fuel consumption, however poses a great challenge for developers. Even under extreme conditions it is necessary for the oil to lubricate the engine properly in spite of its low viscosity. Engines with very low displacement such as the Twin and Multi-Air engines from Fiat are demanding tests. The new oil fulfills all requirements specified in Fiat Approval 9.555.35-GS1. Even though this is a standard for gasoline engines, a low SAPS lubricant is required.

This property is highly decisive for the state-of-the-art diesel engines from the PSA Group with Euro 6 engines. For this purpose the company explicitly requires a viscosity of 0W-30 with a low percentage of ash-forming substances. This is required for a motor oil , such as this new type from LIQUI MOLY,to satisfy the requirements specified in the Peugeot/CitroënApproval (PSA) B71 2312. Moreover Top Tec oil fulfills 4310 ACEA C2 and is distinguished by its high resistance to oxidation - for better corrosion protection. Special cleaning additives help prevent deposits in the engine.

In addition to its specific strengths, this new oil in the Top Tec line has the same quality features as its teammates in this product range of high performance lubricants: This motor oil can be used all year around, ensures rapid oil supply at low temperatures, guarantees optimum oil pressure in all speed ranges, maximum lubrication reliability at high as well as low temperatures and excellent engine cleanliness.

Specifications and approvals
Top Tec ATF -30
Peugeot Citroën (PSA) B71 2312
Fiat 9.555.35-GS1

Available in 1, 5 and 20 liter canisters as well as 60 and 205 liter barrels.

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