• 09/21/2017

LIQUI MOLY reaches the 800-employee mark

Lubricant and additive specialist doubles its number of employees in around a decade
September 2017 – One growth report follows another at LIQUI MOLY. In August and September the German lubricant and additive specialist employed 23 people, thereby breaking the 800-employee barrier. The number of employees has doubled since 2006. Only recently did the company report that August was the month with the highest sales in its company history. Growth, revenue and the number of employees are growing practically in lockstep at LIQUI MOLY. 819 people now work for the company: 515 at the Ulm site and 268 in Saarlouis. The 800 mark was reached with the 23 employees, who started work in August and September, including new apprentices. "I love the young people who come to us with fresh ideas and interact with us long-serving veterans about the future of LIQUI MOLY," says CEO Ernst Prost. For him it is not just about the change of generation. "It is quite simply about the sustainability of an entire company and this is in the hands of the youth." Everyone makes their contribution to this sustainability, of that much Ernst Prost is convinced: "while us 'oldies' contribute experience, routine and professionalism and convey our system of values, I expect awakening and new things, even things that are radical and revolutionary, from our youngsters. And what's very clear: training in specialisms as well as education in general are, for me, among the most noble tasks of any company and every company in the social market economy." Sales and revenue are important indicators for the progress of the company for the CEO. "Only a successful company can permanently offer secure workplaces to people." These figures, which are important to the balance sheet, are only achieved by another that does not show up there: the number of employees and, above all, their commitment. "It is not key economic figures that are the center of our focus, but the people. It is for this reason that our figures are right," says Ernst Prost. Because everyone has a share in the success, the company boss is not picking out an 800th employee. "We are not an accumulation of soloists, instead we operate as a team in which everyone fulfils the task given to them." It took LIQUI MOLY almost five decades to reach the 400 mark. In 2006, the number of employees at LIQUI MOLY grew very promptly by 130 people with the takeover of MÉGUIN Mineralölwerke in Saarland. In the eleven years since then the number of employees has doubled. Ernst Prost does not want to set out when the 900 or even 1,000 mark will be reached. "But if our growth keeps up its rate, it could be earlier than expected."