• 07/13/2021

Clean Air on Hot Days

LIQUI MOLY launches cleaning agent for home air-conditioning systems

The operation of air conditioning systems creates humidity and wetness. Dirt also adheres particularly well to wet and damp areas. This results in unpleasant odors and health risks – especially in A/C systems that provide cooling in offices, apartments and houses. The new A/C cleaner from LIQUI MOLY removes dirt and musty odors in just a few minutes.

The German oil, additive and care product manufacturer LIQUI MOLY has developed a spray which anyone can use to clean their air-conditioning system at home in just a few simple steps within ten minutes. “This should be done at least once a year,” says David Kaiser, Head of Development at LIQUI MOLY.

But reality is different: On hotter days, the air-conditioning system in buildings shares the same fate with the A/C system in vehicles. When it does what it's supposed to, namely ventilate, nobody gives it a second thought. While the apartment, house and other household appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers or refrigerators are usually cleaned regularly, the air-conditioning system is often left in the cold.

Yet, this can be a costly error: The interior of any A/C system is a favorable environment for microorganisms to colonize and grow. The microbial vapors released by their metabolic process are introduced into the ambient air through the air-conditioning system’s air flow. "In the mildest case, it starts to smell unpleasant. In the worst case scenario, the residents' health is put at risk," emphasizes David Kaiser. "Microorganisms are part of our habitat. However, if we neglect care and cleaning, they become unhygienic and increase the risk of an increase in pathogenic, i.e. potentially harmful microorganisms and bioaerosols."

The A/C cleaner from LIQUI MOLY effectively removes odors and dirt from the appliance, which is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. The cleaner leaves behind a pleasantly fresh scent. It's easy to use: Disconnect the air-conditioning system from the power supply, open the cover or grille and spray the cleaning spray evenly onto the evaporator fins. The spray penetrates deep into all the corners and gaps inside the appliance and the HVAC self-cleans. Excess liquid drains out through the HVAC drain outlet. After just ten minutes, the air-conditioning system can be restarted. "You should definitely take this time once a year or more often if possible. This means that you can enjoy cool, clean air again without any worries," says the LIQUI MOLY expert.

One can of A/C cleaner is sufficient for one application.