Three ways to get a clean air conditioner

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The longer the vehicle air conditioning system is used, the higher the risk of bacteria and mold forming in it. These not only cause an unpleasant odor when the air conditioning system is switched on, but also have a negative impact on health, as they can trigger allergies and infections. In the following, we explain 3 ways in which you can remedy this reliably and for the long term.

1. Quick cleaning in between

The most cost-effective option is to use LIQUI MOLY Climate Refresh. The spray acts like a cleaning deodorant for cars and can be easily used at home by any vehicle owner. 
For correct application, the product is placed in the footwell of the car, the engine is left idling and the air conditioning is set to recirculation. Once the Climate Refresh has been activated, close the windows and leave the car. As the can slowly empties, the spray mist is distributed in the ventilation ducts and in the air conditioning evaporator. The highly effective surfactants dissolve any dirt that has formed there and allow it to drip off via the condensation water. This eliminates unpleasant odors directly at their source.

  • assures fresh, clean air
  • increases ride comfort
  • frees the air conditioning of odors that are caused by mold and bacteria

2. Intensive cleaning without additional equipment

An even more intensive method of eliminating bacteria, mold and unpleasant odors is to use LIQUI MOLY air conditioning cleaner. Using the long probe attached to the spray head of the product, the active ingredients can be sprayed directly into the fresh air supply. In this way, both the lines running in the air conditioning system and its evaporator are cleaned directly. At the same time, the surfactants form a protective film on the evaporator, which inhibits the formation of new bacteria, fungi and germs. The product thus ensures fresh, clean air with a long-term effect. The big advantage is the ease of use and the fact that no additional equipment is required for this process. Only dust and pollen filters need to be removed in advance.

  • destroys molds and bacteria
  • assures fresh, clean air
  • cleans air inlet ducts
  • expert's microbiological report available
  • removes musty smells
  • forms a protective film

Here you will find our step-by-step instructions for removing the dust and pollen filter

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3. Professional air conditioning cleaning

The third method offers you the most thorough cleaning in our LIQUI MOLY service workshops. The air conditioning cleaning set is specially designed for this professional area of application. It contains a specially developed compressed air gun equipped with a spray probe. This allows the air conditioning cleaner to be sprayed directly onto the evaporator. The highly effective surfactants it contains safely and professionally remove deposits such as fungi or bacteria that have formed between the fins.

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