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Is the vehicle no longer completely leak-tight?

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Everyone knows about it, nobody likes it – oil stains under the vehicle or unusually high quantity of coolant required. We will show you how to quickly and easily solve problems with our special problem solvers.

Solution against oil loss

Over the years, untreated rubber and plastic gaskets dry out and become porous and brittle. Oil may then leak out of the power steering, transmission or engine. A typical symptom is small oil stains on the parking lot.

Our oil loss problem solvers provide a solution. The respective additives are simply added to the oil. They regenerate rubber and plastic gaskets such as shaft gaskets or valve stem gaskets and make them soft and flexible again. The gaskets fulfill their purpose again and counteract oil loss.

There is a special problem solver for every type of oil loss:

Stopping motor oil loss

The Motor Oil Saver regenerates rubber and plastic engine gaskets, such as shaft gaskets and valve stem gaskets, and prevents oil stains under the vehicle. It also reduces engine noise and oil consumption through piston rings and valve guides.

  • Prevents staining
  • Prevents oil stains and environmental pollution
  • Reduces oil consumption
  • Protects and regenerates rubber and plastic gaskets
  • Reduces engine noise

Stopping transmission oil loss

Our Gear-Oil Leak Stop prevents the loss of oil from a leaking transmission and thus oil stains that pollute the environment. It regenerates hardened rubber or plastic gaskets, protects clutches from oiling up and prevents insufficient lubrication caused by low oil levels as well as transmission damage.

  • Ideal oil pressure under all operating conditions
  • Prevents oil stains and environmental pollution
  • Prevents clutches from oiling
  • Eliminates leakage of shrinked or porous gaskets
  • Prevents oil loss
  • Easy to use
  • Increases operational reliability
  • Can be mixed with commercially available gear oils

Stopping power steering oil leak

The Power Steering Oil Leak Stop provides optimum care for the rubber and plastic gaskets in the steering gear with the additives. It prevents oil loss, stops oil loss in the event of leaking steering gears and regenerates hardened gaskets. The bores and ducts of the steering gear are cleaned and thus the performance of the oil is refreshed. It also reduces noise, extends service life and reduces repair costs.

  • Cleans and maintains
  • Prevents rapid oil aging
  • Prevents oil loss
  • Increases service life
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Eliminates noise
  • Regenerates gaskets

Helps against loss of coolant

A leak in the radiator can have many causes: Stone chipping, porous solder joints or hairline cracks in the radiator. These are often not easy to locate and are generally only detected by the decreasing coolant level.

Instead of replacing the radiator completely, it can be very easily sealed from the inside. Eliminate small leaks quickly and reliably with our leak-proof radiator problem solver.

For this purpose, the additive only has to be added to the radiator. It contains specially developed plastic particles that accumulate on small cracks and block them as soon as the radiator is under pressure. When the radiator reaches operating temperature, the plastic particles melt together and permanently seal the crack.

The Radiator Stop Leak immediately seals leaks completely and protects the combustion chamber against damage from coolant ingress. It is compatible with all common cooling water refiners and antifreeze. It can also be used for prevention.

  • Compatible with commercially available coolant enhancers and antifreeze agents
  • No negative side effects on the water pump and heating circuit
  • Preventive use
  • Suitable for aluminum radiators
  • Permanently and reliably seals hairline cracks and minor leaks

Easily remove oil stains

Oil loss is usually only detected by an oil spot under the vehicle. And it’s hard to remove again, right? Not quite.

With the Oil Spot Remover, you can clean substrates such as screed, clinker, asphalt, concrete and ceramic without having to scrub them. It is the special agent for quickly and effectively removing stubborn, environmentally harmful oil stains on workshop and garage floors, driveways, car parks, etc.

Application: Shake the can well before use.. Then hold vertically downwards, spray onto the soiled area at a distance of approx. 10 cm and leave for 20–30 minutes. Allow to take effect. After the drying time, the residues can be easily removed. In the event of heavy soiling, the procedure may have to be repeated.