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Get your motorcycle through the winter properly


If you want to avoid damage during storage and problems after the winter, you should know how to properly care for your motorcycle over the winter. We will show you the steps you should take to get your motorcycle through the cold season.

Anyone who has ever had annoying problems with the battery, the carburetor, as well as starting problems or corrosion on their motorcycle once the winter is over knows what we are talking about. The correct "mothballing" of the two-wheeler as the last important step at the end of the season is actually part of the next season's preparation, in order to avoid such problems and to get going again as quickly as possible on the first beautiful days of the new year.

Whether basic cleaning or caring preservation for inside and outside: we show you how to keep your motorcycle visually and technically in perfect condition and fit for the new season after the winter.

1. Preserve engine oil circuit

The best protection against corrosion in the oil circuit is to change the oil, removing harmful residues. The old oil could already be past its best and may even have turned “acidic”. These non-neutralized acids attack metal parts such as pistons, running surfaces and bearings, for example. Fresh oil in the circuit, on the other hand, optimally preserves these parts. For this reason, it is always best to change the oil before the motorbike is temporarily taken out of service.

In addition, workshops are not usually as busy doing oil changes at the end of the season as they are at the beginning. You can find the right motor oil for your motorcycle quickly and easily with our oil guide.

It is also advisable to use Motorbike Engine Flush so that the fresh oil can provide its full effect. The additive flushes all harmful deposits and oil sludge out of the engine along with the used oil so that they do not stay in the engine for longer periods of time. 

After a long shut-down period, it is unfortunately also possible that the oil will have completely drained from the system meaning that the metal surfaces are no longer moistened with oil. When the engine is started, this causes metal to meet metal, resulting in maximum wear and possible damage to metal surfaces due to friction. After changing the oil, add Motorbike Oil Additive to the fresh engine oil to prevent this friction. It will also reduce oil and fuel consumption as well as wear.

2. Protect fuel and tank

Oxidation and condensation in the tank can lead to corrosion in the system, in turn leading to damage or expensive repairs. In addition, the aging of the fuel leads to starting problems. By adding Gasoline Stabilizer to the fuel, you can easily prevent this.

Note: After adding the additive, run the engine again briefly so that it can be distributed throughout the entire system. As a general rule, it is also advisable to fill up the vehicle with fuel before parking it. This additionally protects the tank against corrosion.

3. Protect battery and electronics

In order to prevent the battery from completely discharging and possibly getting damaged during winter, the recommendation is to remove it, store it at room temperature and in dry conditions, and charge it at regular intervals. 

Battery terminal grease can be used to prevent corrosion and oxidation on contacts, battery terminals and connections. This extends the battery’s service life and ensures optimal power contact come the spring.

Our Electronic Spray is suitable for all other electronic connections and components. It will ensure functional reliability for plug-in and clamp connectors, lamps and fuses, and much more besides. It reduces wear, displaces moisture, cleans and protects against corrosion, minimizes contact resistance and does not attack paints, plastics or rubber. This makes it ideal for safely getting your motorcycle through the winter without corroded surprises in the new season. 

4. Clean and protect the motorcycle, check for damage and inspect wear parts

Checking the motorcycle for damage and inspecting wear parts works best if you give it a good clean at the same time.

Proper cleaning before decommissioning is important to prevent heavy soiling, such as brake dust on rims, from eating into the surfaces over the long service life and possibly damaging them. Pay particular attention to hard-to-reach areas such as under the tank, under the seat and under/behind the trim. With our special cleaning agents, you can ensure optimal cleanliness on all surfaces. 

You should also protect your motorcycle from corrosion and environmental influences by preserving it. Pay particular attention to frame, aluminum and chrome parts. Motorbike Multi-Spray provides optimum protection for these surfaces. Do not forget to lubricate the drive chain again after cleaning and so also protect it against corrosion. Tank and ignition locks as well as other locks on cases and seats can be optimally lubricated and protected with Door Lock Care, making them permanently smooth-running. The leather seat can be optimally prepared for cold temperatures with Leather Suit Care which provides maximum protection.

5. Park and cover the motorcycle

Motorcycle tires lose air pressure at low temperatures, which means that after the winter there is often too little air in the tire, which can quickly become very dangerous. In addition, too little air in the tire together with standing for too long in one place can lead to flat spots. Increase the tire pressure to 0.5 to 1 bar above the specified value to avoid this. You can also jack up the motorcycle to completely relieve the load on the tires.

Finally, the motorcycle should of course be covered. Depending on whether it’s spending the winter indoors or outdoors, the cover not only protects against dust, but also against moisture and snow. You should also ensure that it is breathable or ventilated with special flaps to prevent moisture formation and corrosion.

6. Clean equipment

So that leather suits, shoes, helmets and the like stay supple, are not stored dirty and do not develop unpleasant odors, they should of course also be cleaned at the end of the season. Motorbike Helmet Interior Cleaner is suitable for this, and is also perfect for the inside of shoes, for example.

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