• 10/03/2019
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"We want to be the best, not the cheapest."

Oil manufacturer LIQUI MOLY and its fresh start in France

October 2019 – The Equip Auto trade fair marks a fresh start for LIQUI MOLY in France. The German oil and additive specialist plans to expand its growth here with a newly founded subsidiary. Dr. Abdellatif Dakkak, CEO of LM France S.A.S., explains the plan. 

There are already plenty of oils on the market. Why should a garage reach for LIQUI MOLY above anything else?

Dr. Abdellatif Dakkak: Because we stand uncompromisingly for quality. We want to be the best, not the cheapest. Also we offer much more than just engine oil. We have gearbox oils, additives, service products, greases, pastes, car care products and lots more. We are a full-range retailer in all things automotive chemical related. Garages can get everything they need from one company and be sure that all products are compatible. In Germany, our domestic market, we are the market leader for additives and car drivers have voted us the best lubricant for a number of years.

LIQUI MOLY has been around for 60 years. Why is it only coming to France now?

Dr. Abdellatif Dakkak: In reality, we have been present in France for a long time. But until now, we have only supplied car dealerships and then only with a limited range of products. This means that we haven't really been visible as an oil brand. Those who do know us here, know us primarily from our involvement with Formula 1 and MotoGP.

So what is going to be different now?

Dr. Abdellatif Dakkak: We have founded LM France S.A.S. This is a strong signal, as national subsidiaries are very rare for LIQUI MOLY. We sell in over 120 countries but we only have four subsidiaries. LM France is the fifth. This shows how much future we see in the French market.

What does this mean more specifically?

Dr. Abdellatif Dakkak: It means a greater product range, a bigger distribution network, new markets, faster logistics, more support for customers and more advertising. First, we will massively increase our product range so that our customers can access the full range. Second, we will move on from our niche with car dealerships and supply the entire aftermarket. Third, we will not stick just to cars, but will also supply sectors such as commercial vehicles, motorbikes and the marine industry. Fourth, we will be able to deliver quickly and reliably thanks to a dedicated warehouse in France. Fifth, we will be able to offer our customers personal support and technical training, helping them to get the most out of our products. Sixth, we will do more advertising. Our sponsorship of the European Athletics Championships in Paris next year is just one example of this.

What are your next steps?

Dr. Abdellatif Dakkak: The first thing is Equip Auto, where we are exhibiting. This will give those who are interested an initial impression of our product range. We will be in hall 1 at stand M 118. At the same time, we are in discussions with additional distributors to ensure our products are available across the entire country. The fact that we are a preferred supplier for large international concerns like Group Auto, Temot and Nexus has been very helpful in this regard. It should open doors for us at Equip Auto too.