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Easily get through winter with LIQUI MOLY


Ready for winter? These products make everyday life easier at the cold time of year.

Windshield De-Icer

Everyone who parks outside knows the drill: Early in the morning, when you haven't got much time anyway, the car first has to be freed of annoying snow and ice. After all, without a clear view driving off would be a highly risky undertaking.

Luckily the Windshield de-icer by LIQUI MOLY is here to help. Its special combination of active ingredients releases the ice and also has cleaning properties. Ice and white frost is quickly removed and re-icing is prevented - without any scraping, all the ice releases all by itself. Simply spray onto the iced windshield, let it work for a moment, and you're done!

Rubber Care

Can you sometimes hardly manage to open your car door or truck because the rubber seals are frozen solid? Rubber Care by LIQUI MOLY prevents this. It freshens up the rubber, keeps it elastic and thereby increases its service life.

Rubber Care is also ideally suited to the care and deep-cleaning of car tires and rubber matts. To ensure you can always open your doors in winter, it is recommended that you regularly repeat the application.

  • silicone-free
  • protects and treats rubber components in a single operation
  • freshens up rubber components and maintains their elasticity
  • freshens up colors
  • simple to use

Diesel Flow Fit

A well-known diesel problem in the winter: When it gets too cold, the fuel clogs. The cause of this is paraffin, a wax found in diesel. It's not a problem in the summer, but at negative temperatures the liquid wax becomes solid. It crystallizes, and the crystals block the fuel filter. The result: The motor stops receiving fuel and comes to a standstill.

So take the appropriate precautions and make sure your motor stays fit – even in the icy cold: Diesel Flow Fit increases the flow and filtering capacity of diesel fuel and makes it winter-proof at up to -31 °C (depending on the diesel fuel quality). The additive secures the operation of all diesel-operated motors at low temperatures.

But be careful: You will only achieve the optimum effect by putting the additive into the fuel tank before the fuel starts to clog. And be sure not to store Diesel Flow Fit in the car between uses.

Perfect radiator protection in winter

You should take care of your radiator, especially before driving to colder regions: Frost can cause problems in your vehicle’s cooling system. Maintenance of the cooling system is therefore a worthwhile investment. We’ll show you how to be perfectly prepared for all eventualities and get through all seasons safely with just three products. 

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More safety in winter due to clear visibility without icing up

When temperatures drop, it's time to prepare for extreme driving conditions. One of the most important preparations for sub-zero temperatures and snowfall that you should make as a motorist or driver of a commercial vehicle is to ensure good visibility. Our products for windshield antifreeze ensure your safety on the road, even in sub-zero temperatures, thanks to powerful cleaning performance.

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