• 04/14/2024
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Better combustion, better acceleration


Stronger, better, quieter: Speed Tec makes accelerating fun again! The additive can restore original acceleration performance through optimized combustion behavior and a clean engine system.


An important factor for driving pleasure is, among other things, the vehicle accelerating optimally when you step on the gas pedal. However, this also places great demands on individual engine components. Over time, the fuel system becomes contaminated by the combustion in the engine and acceleration performance can drop noticeably. This can also result in increased engine wear due to extreme acceleration.

Speed Tec additive optimizes the combustion process to restore the original acceleration performance and at the same time protects the engine components from wear. 

Developed for acceleration in the part-load range, Speed Tec is ideal for the everyday operation of vehicles that are frequently accelerated from the lower speed range.

Optimum acceleration behavior of diesel and petrol engines

Performance optimization

Adding Speed Tec to the respective fuel ensures reduced surface tension. In turn, this means that the fuel mixture can be atomized more finely and the combustion process is optimized. The engine’s pulling power is improved, which leads to a noticeable increase in power in the part-load range.

Cleaning and wear protection

Speed Tec also ensures reliable cleaning and long-term protection of all engine components. This has a positive effect on both acceleration and engine wear.

Deposits on the injectors are removed, which allows clean combustion to take place. Only a clean fuel system can ensure optimal combustion function, thereby leading to an increase in performance and helping to achieve the original acceleration values.

The corrosion protection in the entire fuel system and the additive's lubrication of all components that slide against each other prevent the rapid wear caused by the extremely high loads during heavy acceleration.

Motorsport-proven performance thanks to improved octane rating

Developed specifically for motorsport, our Octane Booster improves the octane rating of the fuel, optimizing combustion immediately after addition. This significantly improves torque, acceleration and throttle response in the low and medium load ranges. The engine runs more efficiently and can use its full power potential. The improvement in the octane rating further reduces engine knocking at high engine speeds and prevents resulting damage.

The additive also has the same cleaning and acceleration-optimizing functions as Speed Tec and therefore also leads to a clean engine system and better atomisation of the injected fuel.

For maximum performance through maximum octane increase of up to 2–4 points, depending on RON, we recommend our Octane Plus.

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