• 19/06/2023

Our LIQUI MOLY jubilarians in June

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Anniversaries and service anniversaries - always good reasons to celebrate in our LIQUI MOLY family and to receive the obligatory bouquets of flowers from our boss (from left to right): Jacek Bogusch (Research & Development, 50 years), Andreas Schiele (Sales National + Austria, 40 years), Sandra Groß (Sales National + Austria, 40 years), Günter Hiermaier (Managing Director), Kasim Sarikaya (Maintenance, 15-year service anniversary), Erwin Prager (Shipping, 25-year service anniversary) and Alexandra Frei (Management Assistant, 15-year service anniversary).

[Translate to Englisch:] Runder Geburtstag:
Jacek Bogusch, 50 Jahre
Andreas Schiele, 40 Jahre
Sandra Groß, 40 Jahre
Kasim Sarikaya, Jubiläum 15 Jahre
Erwin Prager, Jubiläum 25 Jahre
Alexandra Frei, Jubiläum 15 Jahre