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Classic car care: Fountain of youth for your favorite

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We show you how to maintain the value of your classic car in the long term.

Those who have classic cars know how valuable the fascination of cars is and would like for their vehicle to remain in outstanding condition for as long as possible. The best is just about good enough here. Be it inside or outside: Neglectfulness in maintenance and care can lead to tears in the upholstery covers, rust and brittle plastic, for example. This reduces the fun on a trip out and the value of the treasured vehicle.

Motor oil

To ensure your classic car always delivers full performance, the right motor oil is essential. Oil is the lifeblood of the motor. The wrong oil can, particularly in older motors, lead to motor failure in the worst case. Modern oils have cleaning properties, among other things. It is generally advisable to drive with the factory recommended oil release. LIQUI MOLY Classic motor oils are specially attuned to the requirements of classic cars with and without oil filters. Therefore, the SAE 30 and the SAE 50 are suitable for vehicles without oil filters. For vehicles with oil filters the SAE 20W-50 HD is recommended. Selected, mineral base oils and additives ensure optimum lubrication and a very good wear protection under all operating conditions.

Unsure when it comes to the choice of oil?

The oil guide is practical and easy to use. Here you will quickly and easily find oils and other matching products. In complicated cases or if you have unanswered questions, our technical service via hotline or mail is also happy to help.

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The icing on the cake for care of the inner vehicle values: A motor flush (e.g. with Motor Clean or the Oil Sludge Flush) including additional wear protection with the Oil Additive. The molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) in it forms a highly resilient lubricant film on all surfaces subject to friction and movement. It minimizes friction and ensures the components run more smoothly. So that the motor once again purrs like a cat.

Other lubricants and additives

Replacing the gearbox oil is recommended from time to time, particularly in the case of automatic transmissions, e.g. with the highly effective Gear Tronic and Classic Getriebeöl SAE 90 or Classic Getriebeöl SAE 140 developed for classic cars.

Professional automatic transmission service

Those who would like a quieter and softer shifting gearbox, they are highly recommended the Gearbox Oil Additive. Just as in the oil additive, MoS2 is also found in the version developed for gearboxes. The result: Quieter running and softer shifting.

  • assures optimum shifting performance
  • reduces transmission noise
  • resistant to stresses and vibrations
  • increases operational reliability
  • outstanding emergency-running properties
  • friction and wear reducing
  • secures optimum transmission operation

The Lead Substitute lubricates and protects the valve seat rings of vehicles that originally required leaded fuel. It reduces wear on the cylinder head and ensures optimum compression. It increases operating safety and prevents motor damage.

Particularly older vehicles still have carburetors. Here the mtx Carburetor an Valve Cleaner is an advisable companion. It removes deposits in the carburetor, on valves and spark plugs and in the combustion chamber, as well as preventing new deposits from forming. It also protects the entire fuel system against corrosion and prevents the carburetor from icing over.

Ideal for diesel: The Super Diesel Additive. It removes deposits in the diesel injection system and combustion chamber, as well as preventing their return. It also maintains all components of the diesel injection system, and it prevents baking and resin-bonding of the jet needles.

Classic car care

However, it is not enough just to use the right lubricants and additives for the visual appearance. The LIQUI MOLY care range offers the right care products for cleaning and preserving all surfaces.

After periods without use, the tires should absolutely be checked for tears and the right air pressure. The Special Rim Cleaner ensures a proper visual appearance for steel and aluminum rims. Free of acids, it simply, quickly and gently gives the rims a new lease of life.

In a really well-preserved classic car, the tires also have to correspondingly visually appreciated. This task is effortlessly completed by the Tire Bright Foam. It was specially developed for cleaning, caring and protecting tires. It does this in just one step and gives the weathered tires an intensive shine.

With the Convertible Soft Top Cleaner convertibles with textile covers can first be carefully cleaned and then waterproofed with the Fabric Impregnation.

If plastic and rubber is brittle, it is painful for the owner to see and also reduces the value of the vehicle. With the Plastic Deep Conditioner you clean, maintain and protect all plastic parts and freshens them up again. By penetrating deep into the plastic, it provides optimum long-term protection, has an antistatic and dirt-repellent effect. Late with plastic care? No problem! Plastic "Like New" beautifies already extremely faded plastic parts and provides comprehensive plastic preparation in one step.

The washing and subsequent polishing of classic cars requires particular care and, of course, particularly high-quality products. Here our car care category offers a large selection of suitable aids, such as our car paint products. This ensures the vehicle not only shines, but the paintwork is conserved for the long term. A contribution to maintaining the value of the vehicle.

All paint care products

Comprehensive care naturally also includes the interior of the vehicle. Leather or fabric seats, instruments and displays, with the LIQUI MOLY care range you are also well served here.

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