• 11/28/2022

LIQUI MOLY with Massive Dual Leadership


Dr. Uli Weller has been nominated as managing director in addition to Günter Hiermaier

The long-standing Administrative Director of the company in Ulm, Dr Uli Weller, will become the second managing director of the group of companies at the start of 2023. For LIQUI MOLY this is a logical step and a guarantee for lasting stability and security. “My responsibility is to lead our company into a secure future. For me, a second managing director means perfect strategic support,” says   Günter Hiermaier.

With this step, Dr. Uli Weller will be promoted to an additional managing director of the LIQUI MOLY Group, which also includes the Meguin GmbH & Co. KG Mineraloelwerke in Saarlouis as well numerous LIQUI MOLY subsidiaries abroad. He will continue functioning as the Administrative Director. “Dr Weller is one of the people who shaped LIQUI MOLY. For more than a decade, he has made a reliable contribution to our success. He has internalised our values, helped shape our strategies as Administrative Director and knows the company like nobody else,” says Günter Hiermaier of his valued colleague. Hiermaier remains the company spokesman.    

LIQUI MOLY has been very successful under the leadership of Günter Hiermaier as the new boss since the 1st of March 2022. Despite the dismal global economy and the extremely difficult situation on the raw material market, the company in Ulm continues to grow and has created 72 additional jobs in 2022. He feels that the dual leadership can already be characterised as another coup: “I consider a strong dual leadership at the helm of the Company as a guarantee for continuity, stability as well as security for the company and everyone that works with us,” he says about the decision. “And also as a sign of how much we value the company in Würth, which we’ve been a part of since 2018, as a producer of automotive chemicals.”

LIQUI MOLY is set to make a turnover of 800 million euros this year – clearly more than 2021 – and employs more than 1,000 people. The folk from Ulm would like to reach their self-defined goal of 1 billion euros in turnover by 2025. “Our order books are full and we’re investing several million euros in the expansion of our production,” Günter Hiermaier announced. “Our strategy of diversification and internationalisation has given us the ability to successfully deal with crises, complex situations and dynamic markets. In the vernacular one would say, we’re not putting all our eggs in one basket. And it’s exactly this course that we we’re following by nominating Dr Weller as the second Managing Director,” he reiterated. 

Uli Weller as the future second man in management is happy about his task. “I’m looking forward to helping shape the future of LIQUI MOLY from the top. As long as I’ve been working for the company, I’ve been well aware of the fact that success is ultimately always a team effort. And we have an extraordinary team and I would like to be part of leading it.”

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