• 08/15/2023

"La Carrera Panamericana” drives with LIQUI MOLY

The world-famous Carrera Panamericana chooses LIQUI MOLY as their official Oil and general partner for the 2023 Event

LIQUI MOLY is delighted to confirm a cooperation with “Carrera Panamericana”, by far the most famous race series in Mexico, which is held during October and has been around for decades. From 13th to 19th of October 2023, drivers from around the globe will drive through a very special route in Mexico.

Known worldwide in its initial stage as “The Mexican Road Race”, the automobile sports competition would receive the name of La Carrera Panamericana. La Carrera, a rally-type sporting event, is catalogued as one of the most important of its kind, in addition to being the longest in the world, even surpassing the Mile Miglia and Targa Florio races in Italy.

The history of the Carrera Panamericana is divided into two stages, the first is the old stage that goes from 1950 to 1954, where great pilots participated, aboard vehicles with renowned European brands such as Ferrari, Osca, Lancia, Mercedes, Porsche or Maserati, as well as the famous North American brands Ford and Oldsmobile.

LIQUI MOLY Mexico´s CEO Guillermo Morelos Zaragoza M. is excited as the German oil, additive and car care brand is involved as official Oil and general partner of the event: “Any engine drives better with LIQUI MOLY, and furthermore, when it comes to Classic Race Cars, there is no product that can pair our incredible performance. Through this partnership, we are committed to show the world the greatness of the Panamericana Race in Mexico. Not every day you can appreciate a race held in highways, crossing amazing towns, cheered by the most incredible fans, arriving to many of the most magic sites in our country. This race is unique, and it is with the greatest honour and respect that we have agreed to walk this path together, so that our beloved race and country can echo in every single place around the world, that loves cars and racing series as we do.

In addition to its status as an official partner, LIQUI MOLY will also be participating in the race with a very special own car: a Mercedes Benz 300 SL “Seagull Wings”.

“Last year already was a huge success for the event, The affection with which the people received the cars and drivers in each of the cities was enormous. And it filled us with a lot of excitement for the 2023 edition. The media echo was also outstanding. We are now really looking forward to the kick-off!”, Morelos Zaragoza summarizes.