• 02/26/2019

LIQUI MOLY aims to grow in specialized markets

Carlos Travé takes over responsibility for exports in the areas of Marine, Agriculture, Commercial Vehicles and Construction Equipment

February 2019 – A new man for international trade in the area of Marine, Agriculture, Commercial Vehicle and Construction Equipment working for German oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY: Carlos Travé. He will aim to stimulate export business in these four areas. “We see enormous potential for the brand here,” says Ernst Prost, CEO of LIQUI MOLY.

Carlos Travé is by no means an unknown quantity at LIQUI MOLY. He joined the company in 2014 and has reorganized the range and sales of motorcycle products. Since then, LIQUI MOLY – which has its root in the automotive area – has become an established name in the motorcycle field, too. In fact sales have more than tripled under Carlos Travé.

He will be able to draw on this experience and apply it to marine, agricultural, commercial vehicle and construction equipment products. Carlos Travé was involved with ship motors in previous jobs, and he also has experience in the mining and construction equipment sectors. “We’ve found it makes more sense to have a specialist develop these business areas with a specific focus,” says Ernst Prost. Carlos Travé takes on these four new areas in addition to his responsibility for the motorcycle segment. “Our sales and personnel build-up work has now reached a good level in the motorcycle area,” says Carlos Travé. “So the aim is to raise the other areas to the next level.”

As in the motorcycle segment, the idea is to draw on LIQUI MOLY's more than 60 years of experience with automobiles and transfer this to the other areas. Carlos Travé: “In Marine are we are fairly well set up in terms of products, so our main is to develop sales internationally. In terms of Construction Equipment, Commercial Vehicles and Agriculture, we mainly aim to present our additives as useful chemical tools and problem-solvers for professionals.”