Gear Tronic III

The new Gear Tronic III automatic transmission flushing unit

Almost 60% of all newly registered cars in Germany have an automatic transmission. And it’s a rising trend.

Automatic transmissions require a special service. Whether it’s a combustion engine, hybrid or electric vehicle. The ADAC motor club recommends an automatic oil change every 100,000 km at the latest. Modern automatic transmissions and automated manual transmissions always keep the engine in the optimum efficiency range.

As the complexity of the transmissions increases, together with more and more stages and up to 10 speeds as well as additional modes (comfort/sport/winter), the demands placed on the transmission also rise. The gear oil is subjected to enormous thermal and mechanical loads.

Regular professional transmission service and timely gear oil changes are essential. Otherwise, the dirt and metal abrasion contained in the oil can cause expensive damage.

If the transmission fluid is not changed in time, the dirt and metal abrasion it contains can cause costly mechanical damage to the shifting mechanism. This is why the manufacturers and an increasing number of automotive engineers are issuing recommendations for changing the transmission fluid depending on mileage and driving style. This also applies to so-called “lifetime fillings”.

However, a complete change of the lubricant was not possible previously, so that contamination of the fresh oil with the remaining used oil was inevitable when the transmission fluid was changed – a problem that is now a thing of the past, thanks to Gear Tronic III. This is because the automatic transmission fluid service unit enables an almost 100 percent fluid exchange without mixing new and used oil. Only in this way can the new oil develop its full potential.

Another advantage: Thanks to its automated processes, Gear Tronic III avoids costly errors and possible over- or underfilling. The unit is thus the perfect all-round solution with which purging, transmission fluid change and the addition of additives can be carried out easily, quickly and safely.

Features of the Gear Tronic III

  • Flushing of the transmission and oil change via dipstick guide tube; gear oil connections possible directly at the transmission or transmission fluid cooler.
  • High precision in fluid exchange thanks to two independent and highly precise scales in the device.
  • After the oil change, there is less than 100 ml remaining in the unit.
  • Very simple menu navigation in various languages and fully automated system purge operation.
  • Universal and vehicle-specific adapters for simple connection to the vehicle transmission fluid system.
  • Patented bypass circuit protects the vehicle in the event of a power interruption.
  • All connections equipped with check valves.
  • High pumping capacity of up to 10 l/min.

LIQUI MOLY Gear Tronic II and Gear Tronic III