• 11/09/2018

Sporty drivers choose LIQUI MOLY

For readers of German magazine "Sport Auto" LIQUI MOLY is the best oil brand

November 2018 – The drivers of sporty vehicles spend a lot on their four-wheeled friend. Only the best is good enough, including motor oil. And for the readers of the German magazine "Sport Auto", that is once again LIQUI MOLY. In a survey, almost 75 percent of participants chose the oil "Made in Germany". Marketing Director Peter Baumann: "The crystal clear result and the repeat of last year's success are a motivation for the last quarter."

LIQUI MOLY is an established big name in motorsports: Be it in touring cars, motorbike competitions, motocross or rally events - the logo of the oil and additive specialist is there and, of course, so is the lubricant. "Just as our oil is exposed to the highest loads in racing, our brand image is thoroughly tested in the annual reader surveys," says Peter Baumann. And, in 2018, the company has once again passed these with flying colors. The result of the "Sport Auto" readers is one of the clearest. "If almost three quarters of those surveyed vote for one brand, then this is an impressive affirmation of our work," says the Marketing Director. And in the care products category, last year's second place was defended.

The current Best Brand title continues the series of successes this year. Previously, LIQUI MOLY had already been crowned the best oil brand by the readers of seven German magazines. "Drivers and enthusiasts of classic cars, motorbikes, sports and everyday cars as well as commercial vehicles - they all love LIQUI MOLY and trust in it. This gives us additional motivation in sales for the last quarter of the year," says CEO Günter Hiermaier.