• 02/28/2022
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LIQUI MOLY establishes subsidiary in the UK

Oil and additive specialist invests in further growth

The oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY continues its growth course in the UK and has now established the subsidiary LIQUI MOLY UK. “This will enable us to better exploit the potential offered by the British market,” says Salvatore Coniglio, Export Manager at LIQUI MOLY.

In terms of its sales operations, LIQUI MOLY traditionally works with independent importers in most countries. In the UK, however, the company has had its own employees for years to personally support the wholesale and specialist trade and support them on visits to garages. “The foundation of LIQUI MOLY UK is the next logical step,” explains Salvatore Coniglio. “It sends out a signal to customers that we will be providing them with even more effective support and are planning big things in the UK.”

The establishment of a subsidiary underlines the potential that the company sees in the UK market. Additional personnel have already been hired for LIQUI MOLY UK based in Birmingham. During the course of this year, more new jobs are to be created, especially in sales.

“These are investments that directly benefit our customers,” says Salvatore Coniglio. "Business is still done between people. That’s more important today than ever. In a personal conversation, I can respond much better to a customer’s needs and set out the various elements of what it is we provide. And, of course, I can talk more effectively about our concepts and our wide range of oils and additives, about car care for the outside and inside, about products for cars, but also for commercial vehicles, motorcycles and boats."

In its home market of Germany, readers of several car magazines vote LIQUI MOLY as the best oil brand year after year. “We don't have this status in the UK yet,” says Salvatore Coniglio. "That will soon change. Our brand is becoming more and more famous and popular, not least thanks to our involvement in Formula 1, the MotoGP and several UK race championships as for example the Mini Challenge, CSCC and the British Rallycross Championship.”